Guide to Visiting Jiufen in Taiwan!

My Guide to Visiting Jiufen in Taiwan in 2024.


Welcome to my comprehensive guide to visiting Jiufen, Taiwan! In 2024

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Jiufen is a charming small village nestled about 45 minutes away from Taiwan. Getting there is quite convenient, with various transportation options available.

lanterns at Jiufen

Getting there

Via Taxi/Uber

The first option is to take a taxi or Uber, which typically costs between $45 and $60. Taxis are readily available in the area, making this a viable option, especially if you're running late or planning to travel during the night. Just be aware that some taxis may require cash payment, so it's wise to have some on hand.

Via Bus

Alternatively, you can opt for the bus system, which is highly efficient in Taiwan. I recommend getting an EasyCard or pass, purchasable at 7-Eleven or different train stations. These cards can be loaded with cash and used for seamless travel by simply tapping them at the payment systems on trains or subways.

Taking the bus will set you back around 3 dollars USD or 101 NTD. The buses run frequently, typically every 5 to 15 minutes, and you can easily navigate using Google Maps. (MRT to Zhongxiao Fuxing, then take the 1062 bus direct to Jiufen)

Short Walk from Jiufen Bus Stop to Jiufen Old Street

When visiting Jiufen, anticipate rainfall, as the area experiences frequent showers. During our winter visit, it was pouring rain, so be sure to pack an umbrella. Despite the rain, the ambiance of Jiufen, with its picturesque scenery, misty clouds, and ancient village, will transport you into a scene reminiscent of the movie "Spirited Away."

Lanterns Turn on at Night

In the winter months, dressing warmly is essential. Consider layering up and adding a raincoat to your outfit for added protection.

Plan to spend anywhere from one to four hours exploring Jiufen, depending on your interests and goals.

While you're here, don't miss out on these top activities:

Tea Time at Yu Zai Fan Shu Tea Stall:

Yu Zai Fan Shu Tea Stall
Tea Set
Sakura Shrimp Fried Rice
View from the Teahouse

We highly recommend securing a reservation at the Yu Zai Fan Shu Tea Stall in advance. After crossing an old mine tunnel, you'll find this hidden teahouse. This hidden gem offers a unique tea-drinking experience. While online tickets are available, keep in mind that they may come with a reservation fee. Opting to call the tea shop directly allows for more flexibility, especially during peak seasons like spring break. Whether you indulge in their diverse tea set options or savor their delicious fried rice, expect to spend one to two hours immersed in the serene ambiance while enjoying panoramic views. On the off season you can probably walk in. Expect to spend around 20 dollar for a tea experience here and they give you the bag of tea for you to make at the table and you can take home extra tea bags.


Lucky Cat Store

Jiufen's shopping scene can be a bit of a tourist trap, with numerous souvenir and artisan shops lining the streets. While many offer similar items found across Asia, each shop may have its own unique offerings. Look out for shops with cute and distinctive items, and try to avoid overspending on souvenirs. Studio Ghibli enthusiasts will find plenty of merchandise to browse as well.

Hand painted Ocarina Store

Exploring the Alleyways:

Hidden Stairs

Jiufen is a labyrinth of hidden alleys and cozy nooks waiting to be explored. It's easy to lose yourself in the village's charm, reminiscent of Korea's Gamcheon Village. Don't miss out on experiences like the Ghost Lore Museum and the abundance of small eateries tucked away in the alleys.

Ghost Lore Musuem
Jiufen Teahouse

Photo Opportunities:

Famous Photo Spot

With its scenic vistas and atmospheric charm, Jiufen offers endless opportunities for memorable photos. Capture the enchanting beauty of the village, especially during rainy days when the mist adds a mystical touch. One of the most iconic spots for photos is in front of the old mountain view backdrop.

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