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New Restaurants/Eats in Austin, TX 2024

Here is My Guide to New Restaurants in Austin, TX!


Hey Guys! Here is my Guide to New Restaurants in Austin in 2024!

Here is a map of all the spots on the list.


Boat Noodles
Khao Man Gai

Pthai Khao Man Gai quickly became a favorite since its opening this year. Chef Thai blends Thai and Chinese flavors, offering signature dishes like Khao Man Gai and a variety of rice and noodle options. Originally in Hong Kong City Market, PThai relocated to Airport Blvd after closure.

My top picks include the flavorful Khao Man Gai Tod (fried chicken) and the bold Boat Noodles, though they're not for the faint-hearted. Chef Thai's specials like Pig Tongue Salad and Khao Ka Moo are also worth trying. Every dish, made from scratch, reflects Chef Thai's dedication, with the Chicken Fat Rice being a standout.

Sije Special Noodle

Special Noodle has quickly become a favorite since its recent opening, boasting multiple locations in California and now in North Austin. I particularly adore their dumplings, including the delightful pan-fried soup dumplings, or Sheng Jian Bao, which are a rarity in Austin, though occasionally a touch too sweet for my taste. Their pan-fried snowflake dumplings are consistently perfect.

Another standout is their beef noodle soup, which may seem plain at first glance but surprises with its robust spice and flavor. Be prepared for a wait during peak hours due to their popularity. Don't miss out on their green onion pie—it's a must-try

JewBoy Cantina

Jew Boy Cantina, a fresh concept by Owner Mo Piddle of Jew Boy Burgers, introduces El Paso-style Mexican cuisine. With a nod to college students, the menu features enticing options, including deep-fried tacos. Personally, I'm fond of the chicken and brisket flautas. Their carne asada fries, generously topped with meat, queso, salsa, and more, are a must-try. Don't miss their homemade tortillas in the new burritos, especially the Chile Verde variety. Additionally, sliders are available at this location.

Annyeong Korean House


Annyeong Korean House specializes in Korean SoonDubu, or soft tofu stew. They offer various menu options with customizable heat levels; I suggest aiming for around level 5 or 6 if you're sensitive to spice. The stew comes with raw eggs, rice, and tasty BanChan. Don't miss their galbi and marinated raw crab. Expect long lines on weekends but faster service on weekdays

Leroy and Lewis

Leroy and Lewis recently opened their brick-and-mortar location, offering daily specials on meats. They have a convenient bar area where you can order burgers and small bites without waiting in line. However, be prepared for a potentially long wait as they prepare each order fresh. I recommend trying their Saturday special, the Bacon rib, and don't miss their signature beef cheeks. Their sides are delightful, and the cornbread is a must-try. While some brisket may be on the drier side, they're responsive to feedback and will ensure you get moist brisket. You can order items à la carte or by the pound

Mam Mam

Mam Mam, led by Chef Kris, formerly of Pthai Khao Man Gai, brings a fusion of Vietnamese and Thai cuisine with Malaysian influences to Springdale General. While Chef Kris initially aimed to elevate Vietnamese cuisine, his menu now reflects a broader fusion concept. Standouts include his Asian fried chicken, which boasts a perfectly thick and flavorful skin, paired excellently with chicken fried rice. Don't miss the vegan Vietnamese papaya salad—a delightful touch. With something for everyone, Mam Mam offers a broad menu and experience.

Yellow Ranger

Crab Rangoons

Yellow Ranger, a fresh fusion concept located inside the Golden Horn bar, offers a unique blend of Chinese, French, American, and Taiwanese cuisine. Drawing from the chef's diverse culinary background, the menu features dishes like Taiwanese fried chicken and crab Rangoons. While I need to revisit for a comprehensive review, I see great potential. Noteworthy is their burger tex, served on a Taiwanese milk bun—a semi-smash patty with a UFO shape, presenting an intriguing twist on the smashburger

Dang Hot 89

D1 Combo and Chicken Sandwich

Dang Hot 89 has quickly become one of my favorite new food trucks in Austin, Texas. What sets them apart is their commitment to frying all their chicken fresh. Specializing in Nashville-style hot chicken, they consistently deliver perfectly fried yet moist chicken. I recommend opting for medium to hot spice levels, as it can be quite spicy. Their chicken sandwich is also a delight. With excellent pricing and friendly Thai owners, it's a must-try.Donkey Mo's

Donkey Mos

Wings and Chicken Nuggets

Donkey Mo's isn't entirely new; they've operated previously within H Mart. Owned by the same proprietor as Tso Chinese, they specialize in Korean fried chicken, offering a variety of options like chicken nuggets and wings. While the breading on the chicken is delightful, I believe the sauces could use a bit more heat. For instance, their 'Holy Donkey' sauce, while flavorful, leans more towards spicy than intensely hot. Nevertheless, their loaded fries are a treat

New Fortune

New Fortune is an old Austin classic that recently reopened, delighting diners with traditional dim sum served by cart on weekends and offering weekday options as well. During my initial visit after their reopening, they were still ironing out some kinks. I plan to revisit soon for a more comprehensive review

The Guest House

Brioche Loafs

An elevated whimsical inspired restaurant, The Guest House is a restaurant made to entertain. Must tries are the complimentary brioche loaf, the spicy rigatoni, and the ceviche. Their parmesan coated steak was noteworthy too. Overall, The food is not particularly amazing but the whimsical cocktails and presentation makes this a great spot for birthdays and special occasions.

Lao'd Bar

Lao Ceviche

Lao’d Bar, a concept by Chef Bob situated at Sign Bar, is also the owner of Sxse Co. During my visit, I sampled a variety of items and particularly enjoyed the hot dog with Lao sausage. Another standout was the pork smashburger. Don't miss their crispy fried rice and signature wings—they're always a hit!

Dumpling World

Soup Dumplings

Dumpling World, a newly opened dumpling-focused restaurant in the Triangle, offers a diverse selection of dumplings and noodles. Their menu includes pan-fried soup dumplings, thumbprint dumplings, and Xiao Long Bao. I highly recommend trying their 'Dan Dan Noodles' for a perfect blend of spice and peanut flavor

Taqueria 10 de 10

Taqueria 10 de 10 has been dubbed a speakeasy taco bar by locals in downtown Austin. Originally hidden in the back of a bar, it gained its nickname due to its elusive nature. The standout dish, in my opinion, is the quesadilla made with fresh flour tortillas. Their house-made corn tortillas are commendable, though I found the meats occasionally lukewarm, likely due to pre-preparation

Zoe Tong

Sesame Noodles

Zoe Tong is a restaurant that debuted at the end of last year, owned by individuals originally from New York. They specialize in elevated Chinese cuisine with fusion influences. Among my favorites are their sesame noodles, fried rice, and the flavorful mala vegetables. Their sesame rolls and black sesame sauce are also must-tries. I've yet to have a meal here that I didn't enjoy. If you appreciate elevated Asian cuisine you're sure to find Zoe Tong delightful.


Filet Mignon Tacos

Verdad is a new Mexican concept from the owners of Perry's. My experience here left me with mixed feelings. While I thoroughly enjoyed their filet mignon tacos, I found the overall pricing to be higher than expected. For instance, I ordered their enchiladas, but found the sauce overly bitter and couldn't finish it, especially considering its $26 price tag. However, their fajita platters, drawing on Perry's expertise with steak, are a standout addition. I recommend trying their surf and turf tacos. While their mole sampler was passable, it has garnered praise from many patrons.


K-pop is a franchise specializing in Korean barbecue and hot pot. What sets it apart is its affordable pricing, although its location in South Austin may be a bit distant for some. Nevertheless, it's worth checking out, especially for those seeking all-you-can-eat barbecue and hot pot options. While the variety of banchan (side dishes) is limited and the meat quality could be better, it's a great spot for a hassle-free Korean barbecue and hot pot experience. You have the choice to pay for either Korean barbecue or hot pot separately, or enjoy both. Each diner gets their own individual soup pot.

Rose Bakery

Rose Bakery is an arboretum bakery opened by Julie Myrtille. They offer all of her original classics along with new additions to the menu. I'm excited about their plans to introduce high tea in the future, which I look forward to reviewing. Having a location up north that's closer to me brings me joy.

Feral Pizza

Supreme Pizza

Feral Pizza is a food truck specializing in pizza crafted with an heirloom starter. They offer New York-style pizza, with the owner taking pride in making ingredients like their house-made sausage from scratch. My personal favorite is their Supreme style, although their Grandma style is also noteworthy. Their pizza sauces are particularly enjoyable. Interestingly, the owner completed a stage at Pedrosos Pizza, my favorite pizza spot in Austin, Texas.

Golden Eye

Chocolate Truffles

GoldenEye Chocolate Shop is a newly opened establishment on Anderson Lane, specializing in chocolates made with Callebaut chocolate. Their artisanal truffles come in a variety of flavors and shapes, making them some of the most visually stunning chocolates I've ever encountered. I adore the flavors, and I believe these chocolates would make a perfect gift for any special occasion.

Hiu Lau Shan

Hiu Lau Shan is a Hong Kong dessert cafe that originated in Hong Kong. They specialize in healthy mango-based desserts. During my visit, I tried their mango mochi, mango sago pomelo drink, and mango with chewy balls. Their assortment of mango desserts is extensive. I highly recommend the mango mochi, as it was my favorite; it was filled with fresh mangoes.

Spots that are new outside of Austin -

El Grandpa Barbecue

bbq pit
Lengua Tacos

Grandpa Barbecue is technically located in Georgetown. After gaining viral attention, they closed Shop last year to focus on opening a food truck. They have since reopened with two different trucks: one with their original barbacoa pit and another serving tacos. It's likely the only spot in Austin offering barbacoa cooked out of the pit, specializing in Hidalgo-style barbacoa, made with lamb in a barbecue pit. It's the most tender and juicy barbacoa you'll try. I recommend pairing it with a side of consomme and topping it with their delicious house-made red salsa. The Lengua is a must!

Ghama Zone

The Rice Cakes Duk Pokki

Ghama Zone is a Korean restaurant that recently opened in Round Rock. Their focus is on serving elevated Korean cuisine. I must mention that their Korean rice cakes are possibly the best I've tasted near Austin. I also relish their kimbap and pork rib stew. Don't forget to indulge in bingsu for dessert—it's a must-try

Sushi Yume

10 piece Sashimi sampler

Sushi Yume is undoubtedly one of my favorite sushi spots in the Greater Austin area. The chef is renowned for generously offering extra portions to customers. I ordered their 10-piece sushi combination and was pleasantly surprised to find 13 pieces. The sushi was delightful, and I appreciated the chef's expertise in cooking rice and the balanced ratio of fish to rice in the nigiris. I also highly recommend trying their chirashi bowl