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16 Cozy Dishes for Fall/Winter in Austin, TX!

A guide to heartwarming cozy dishes in Austin, TX


Here are 16 cozy dishes for this chilly weather! I know I know, Texas never gets too cold unless it's a snowpocalypse but I still want to share some of my favorite bowls of noodles and soups in Town! And some dishes that go perfectly with the colder weather!


1. Rice Cake Dumpling Soup @seouljuatx

Spicy rice cake stew at Seoulju always hit the spot! I recommend adding some cheese for some extra flavor too. I enjoy their military hot pot as well.

2. @mumfoodsatx matzo ball soup

The Matzo ball soup at Mum foods has rich broth, poached chicken, mirepoix, dill and homemade matzo balls. The soup is delicious!

3. Haejangguk at @narrowstreet512

The Haejjangguk at Narrow Street 512 reminds me of soup I've had in Korea, Large tender pull apart meat in a richy savory broth, what's not to love?

4. Chicken Paiten ramen at @marufukuramenofficial

The paitan at Marufuku is probably the best 100% chicken broth ramen I've had in town.

5. AYCE Hot Pot at Soup Leaf

Soup Leaf offers AYCE hot pot in Austin. Meats are now included with the buffet price and there is no additional cost for the orders. Lunch has a bit more limited selection, while dinner has all the meats available.

6. Katsu Curry Rice from @komeaustin

One of my favorite curry rice dishes in Austin. It's only served till 5 pm.

7. Shoyu Ramen from @ramen512

The shoyu ramen here uses noodles made from scratch and it's really delicious!

8. Pork rib noodle soup from Julie’s.

Pork Rib stew here is my favorite. They use thicker handpulled noodles from scratch.

9. @sazanramen Paitan Ramen!

The paitan ramen here uses pork and chicken. I always recommend the chicken chashu and the classic broth.

10. Pho at Tan My

The Pho at Tan my is very nostalgic as I used to go here every wednesday with my dad. I always order a custom pho with meatballs and brisket.

11. Pho at Sip Pho

Sip Pho is a good option for ramen located on UT campus. I recommend their wagyu pho or their plain pho!

12. Jjambong at Paik Noodles

Jjambong is a korean chinese dish with seafood and spicy broth! The one at Paiks is delicious!

13. Beef Noodle Soup at Taste of Home Dumplings

The beef noodle soup here is more bland compared to the Taiwanese version I'm used to but added a dash of soy sauce helps.

14. Ramen at Ramen Del Barrio

The Carnitas Shoyu at RDB is one of my favorite bowls in Austin, TX. They are located inside Hanaworld and sell out so go early!

15. Ramen at Daiboku

Daiboku ramen is a spot made by Sazan Ramen. I recommend their duck shoyu ramen.

16. Wontons at DinHo Chinese

The Wontons at DinHo are huge and delicious! I highly recommend trying.