Ultimate Food Guide to Chicago in 4 Days!

Ultimate Food Tour of Chicago in 4 Days!


This is my guide to dining in Chicago and the ultimate food tour. First, I'll share my itinerary for a short weekend trip. I suggest visiting Chicago during a less chilly time of the year. I was fortunate that the weather wasn't cold during my visit, and it coincided with the weekend right before the Christmas market. Here is the link to my reel.

Chicago ITINERARY 4 day Itinerary

Day 1

  • Kasama Breakfast Sandwich
  • Mcdonald’s Global Market 
  • Bonci 
  • 8:30 Quartino Dinner 

Day 2

  • Au cheval burger
  • sawada coffee
  • PEQUODS Lunch 
  • Chicago Aquarium
  • 9 pm ALINEA 

Day 3

  • Qing Xiang Yuan 
  • explore china town
  • Girl and the Goat Dinner

Day 4

  • Millennium park The Loop (Art institute of Chicago) The Bean.
  • Ming hin Cuisine
  • Portillos for italian beef
  • 5 pm flight home

This is the Map

Day 1


Truffle Croissant and Ube basque Cheesecake.
Kasama Breakfast sando

Kasama is a highly acclaimed restaurant that was featured on the bear. They're renowned for their signature breakfast sandwich, which features Filipino longanisa, egg, and cheese on a potato roll. While I found the price of the breakfast sandwich a bit high, it was undeniably delicious. This spot is consistently busy, so it's best to arrive early when they first open, or you can also pre-order online. I also recommend trying their croissant; the pearl sugar on top is simply divine, and the addition of black truffle is a delightful touch

Mcdonalds Global Market

The McDonald’s global market is renowned for being the first McDonald’s location offering food items from all over the world. However, it's essential to note that the selection is quite limited, with only about 4 to 5 items actually representing global cuisine. Most of the menu consists of classic McDonald's fare. Nevertheless, it's worth a visit for the unique experience, and the interior has a slightly upscale ambiance, with food brought out to your table, akin to a restaurant.

Bonci Pizza

Bonci Pizza is a pizzeria that originated in Rome. They're renowned for their use of heirloom grains, which results in a more nutritious pizza. Their specialty is selling pizza by the pound, specifically Roman-style pizza. In my opinion, it's some of the most delicious pizza I've ever tasted. I highly recommend trying their potato pizza

La Burdick

chocolate mice

This chocolate shop is a must-visit whenever you're in Chicago. While it can be a bit pricey, I promise you'll find some of the best hot chocolate here. I'm obsessed with their chocolates and always end up buying some whenever I visit. They have multiple locations across the US, but I always make it a point to visit this one, especially when I'm headed to Quartino.


Gnocchi half portion

Quartino is a beloved Italian restaurant nestled in Chicago. I made a reservation online and was pleasantly surprised by their offerings. They provide half-size portions and a wide variety of pasta and antipasti options. I must say, this is one of the most affordable Italian restaurants I've ever dined at. Despite ordering over eight dishes, I felt like I only spent around $40. The service was impeccable, and to top it off, they even brought out free dessert on the house

Day 2

Au Cheval

Au Cheval Burger

Au Cheval is a French restaurant renowned for its burger, particularly the double patty cheeseburger. I opted to add their thick bacon to it. Since Au Cheval doesn’t take reservations, it's essential to line up in advance. Fortunately, I managed to get in early in the morning. The burger was undeniably one of the most delicious I’ve ever had, and I would definitely order it again. The thick-cut bacon made a significant difference, and the gooey cheese paired perfectly with the smash patties


Military Latte

Sawada is an award-winning coffee shop renowned for its excellent cappuccinos and lattes. During Christmas time, the area is beautifully decorated, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious, hot cocoa or coffee


10 inch Pan Pizza Pepperoni

Pequod's is renowned for making the best pan pizza in Chicago. While many people associate Chicago-style pizza with deep dish, Pequod's stuffed pizza is the standout choice. Although you can't order in advance, I walked in and ordered a plain stuffed pizza with pepperoni. It's worth noting that these pizzas are sizable, so you can probably share one. However, be prepared to wait about an hour for the pizza to fully bake.

Shedd Aquarium 

The Shedd Chicago aquarium is among my favorite aquariums I've ever visited. I particularly admire their abundance of beluga whales and the stunning exhibits they offer. It's a fantastic place to visit and spend some time.


alinea Kitchen
The Gallery
Painted Banana Split
Uni Rice

It was always my dream to dine at Alinea, especially being a huge fan of Chef Grant Achatz. Growing up, I used to watch TV and fantasize about experiencing his three Michelin-starred restaurant. When dining here, you have a couple of options to choose from. While it's relatively easy to get a reservation for the Salon, securing one for the Gallery, which offers a more theatrical experience, is quite challenging.

Originally, I reserved a spot in the Salon, but I reached out and inquired about upgrading to the Gallery. Fortunately, there was a cancellation, and I was upgraded. The experience comes with a hefty price tag, typically over $500 per person, but it's worth every penny. Think of it as indulging in multiple courses of whimsical, theatrical, and mind-blowing bites.

At times, I found myself unsure of what I was eating, but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and consider it something I'll cherish for the rest of my life. Additionally, they offer a glimpse into the kitchen, where you can enjoy an appetizer, adding to the overall immersive experience.

Throughout the meal, the dining environment changes multiple times, and each dish and musical accompaniment are themed to complement the culinary journey. Personally, my favorite dishes were the squab and the uni rice.

Day 3

Qing Xiang Yuan

Pork and Leek dumplings , Lamb and Coriander

This restaurant is renowned for its dumplings, offering an elevated dumpling experience where each order typically costs around $21. They are also known for their teas. While I personally prefer dumplings with bolder flavors, I found these to have a delightful texture and bounce to them that would certainly entice me to return. Walk in Only.

Christkindlmarkt Market 


The Christmas market in Chicago typically starts around mid-November and runs until December 24. It offers a delightful experience with German beers, pretzels, an array of food options, and a wide selection of beautifully crafted ornaments. While it can be a bit pricey and crowded, it's definitely worth experiencing

Girl and the Goat

Roasted Pig Face

Girl and the Goat is a popular restaurant in Chicago renowned for its fusion Asian cuisine. While many rave about it, personally, I found the food to be a bit overpriced for what it offered, and the flavors didn't quite meet my expectations. I tried their chickpea fritters, roasted pig face and pork shank. Despite my experience, it's still a beloved spot, so I suggest making a reservation if you're keen to give it a try. The Chick Pea Fritters are a must!

Day 4

Millennium park

The Bean

Millennium Park is home to the iconic Cloud Gate sculpture, also known as "The Bean." During my visit, the area was undergoing construction and was fenced off, but I managed to snap a quick photo. While it's a highly hyped attraction, I'd recommend it more for a brief photo opportunity rather than an extended visit, as you likely won't need to spend more than 30 minutes here

Ming Hin Cuisine

assorted Dim Sum

Ming Hin Dim Sum comes highly recommended, and you can likely make reservations online. They serve dim sum by the cart. However, I found it to be somewhat pricey for what I received. While the variety was decent, I felt that the quality didn't quite match up to similar options I've tried in other cities, including Houston


Italian Beef.

Portillo's is a must-visit for their iconic Italian beef, flavorful hotdogs, and their famous chocolate cake shake. While indulging in their menu, make sure not to miss out on their chocolate cake shake—it's a decadent treat packed with rich chocolate goodness that's definitely worth the indulgence.