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The Best Bagel in Austin, TX.

Read to Find Out How A Chef from DC Brought the Best Bagels to Austin, TX


There’s a new bagel contender in town called @daviddoughies. I have to preface this by saying I'm quite disappointed by most of the bagels in town. Here is the link to my original reel.

The following excerpt is from Devin Broder (The owner of David Doughies) "I started my culinary career working for Jose Andres at Jaleo and then the D.C. fine dining scene at 1789 and Michelin starred Kinship and Metier. When I moved here, I worked at Odd Duck, and was responsible for overseeing production of everything on the menu. Once the pandemic hit and Odd Duck shut down temporarily, I had a lot of time on my hands to cook whatever I wanted. Since we were missing the East Coast bagels we grew up eating and couldn’t find good ones here, I decided to channel my roots and make em' myself. We made fresh bagels every weekend and started to get pretty good at it. Once our neighbors got a taste and kept offering to pay us for more, we knew we had a business opportunity on our hands. Once it was time to come up with a name, my David Bowie loving 6 year-old daughter said, “how about David Doughie’s?”

Bagel with Smoked Salmon

Impressed by the positive reviews and the owners story, I decided to pre-order half a dozen bagels from @daviddoughies at $2.50 each. I also added their scallion cream cheese spread and some smoked salmon, both of which are made in-house by the owner. Upon picking up my pre-order, I couldn't resist trying one of their bagel sandwiches with salmon. The Smoked Salmon Bagel was glistening in the sun with translucent orange flesh and the cream cheese smear was layered on thick. The ratios were perfection. Once I got home I indulged in the other bagels I had preordered. Let me tell you, these bagels are absolutely stellar. They have the perfect chew, incredible flavor, and a soft, fluffy texture. In fact, I dare say they are the best bagels I've ever had in Austin, and perhaps even in my entire life.

Selection of Bagels I purchased

What sets @daviddoughies apart is their meticulous bagel-making process. The owner takes great pride in the craftsmanship of each bagel. They are hand-rolled with precision, ensuring that every bagel has that signature shape and texture. But it doesn't end there—these bagels are then aged for two days, allowing the flavors to develop and intensify. The owner even goes to the extent of adjusting the pH of the water to match that of New York, replicating the authentic taste that bagel lovers crave.

When it comes to the ingredients, @daviddoughies spares no expense. They use premium flour sourced from Barton Springs Mill, which is known for its exceptional quality and flavor. The use of this flour undoubtedly contributes to the exceptional taste and texture of the bagels. As for the toppings, their scallion cream cheese spread is a heavenly combination of creamy richness and fresh, tangy scallions. The smoked salmon is of the highest quality, providing a delicate and savory complement to the bagels.

Now, I must address the price. Some may find @daviddoughies a bit pricey compared to other options in town. However, when you consider the use of premium ingredients, such as the expensive Barton Springs Mill flour and high-quality salmon, as well as the costs associated with running a commercial kitchen and paying farmers market fees, the slightly higher price is understandable. In fact, when compared to other spots in town, the price difference is only around 50 cents more per bagel, which, in my opinion, is a small premium to pay for such a superior product.

To put @daviddoughies to the ultimate test, I recently brought along some of my bagel snob friends. One of them hails from Baltimore and has made multiple trips to New York. To my delight, they were equally impressed by @daviddoughies. The bagels stood up to their high standards and received their seal of approval.

If you're planning to give @daviddoughies a try, I highly recommend pre-ordering to skip the line. This ensures that you'll get your hands on these incredible bagels without the wait. However, if you enjoy the experience of standing in line and want to savor the anticipation, the Lakeline location usually has a short queue if you prefer to order a bagel sandwich in person. You can find the bagels at both the Lakeline (Saturdays 9am-1 pm) and Mueller Farmers Market (Sundays 10am-2 pm). I recommend their Everything bagel as my goto bagel.

@daviddoughies is more than just a bagel joint—it's a testament to the artistry and dedication that goes into crafting the perfect bagel. Whether you're a bagel aficionado or simply seeking an unforgettable culinary experience, this place is definitely worth a visit. Prepare to be blown away by the exceptional taste, texture, and overall bagel perfection that @daviddoughies delivers. Oh and be sure to partake in his wonderful honey butter spread!

Here is the link to preorder.