How to Make the Most Crispiest and Delicious Chinese Dumplings

Here's How I Make My Popular Dumplings!


Here Is my video to show you the step by step to make the most delicious dumplings.

Special Ingredients

Mushroom Seasoning

You need Mushroom Seasoning for the umami, you can purchase at the local Asian market but here is the link on Amazon.

Ground Pork

To save time you can use ground pork but I like purchasing pork shoulder and chopping it with a cleaver. It's pretty fast and you get much bouncier dumplings.

Dumpling Flour

Here is the link to the flour we use. I recommend using dumpling flour for the softest yet firm dumpling skin. I purchase this one at HMART.

Shiao Xing Rice Cooking Wine

Here is what it looks like. I usually buy at any asian store.

Tapioca Starch

Any brand from the asian store works. They're usually only like a dollar a bag.

Perfectly Fried Dumplings

You need a gram scale for making homemade dumplings- it’s essential!

The Best Dumpling Recipe Ever!

The dumplings


Dough ball Recipe : Yields around 20 dumplings each

180 grams wheat flour
20 grams tapioca starch
120 ml of boiling water- more or less for mixing.


1. Combine flour and starch and water and mix on a stand mixer with the dough paddle on max speed. You can add more boiling water as the mixer is turning, if you notice a dough ball isn’t forming and you just have clunks. Add water slowly until the ball forms. You’ll know when the dough is clunky and sticks to the paddle.
2. Knead on a floured surface until the dough becomes bouncy.
3. Powder the dough ball and wrap in foil for 1-2 hours. We made a total of 4 dough balls for around 60-80 dumplings.
4. After an hour knead until smooth and even bouncier- rewrap until ready to wrap fold dumplings.
5. Knead the ball right before folding too.

Filling recipe: Enough for about 60-80 dumplings

2.5-3 pounds of pork shoulder or 2.5 ish pounds of ground pork.
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 bunch of leeks (you can sub napa cabbage)
2 eggs
1/4 cup mushroom seasoning
1/3 cup shiaoxing wine (you can find it at the Asian market- cooking wine)
1/4 cup sesame oil
1/8 cup sugar- more or less to taste.
2 tbsp ginger minced
2 tbsp garlic minced
1/4 cup cornstarch
Optional- 1 tsp white pepper powder


1. If you opt for pork shoulder - trim fat off and any tough white parts and chop until smooth (wooden cutting boards and cleaver make it easier)
2. Chop your leeks into 1/4 inch pieces - make sure to discard initial leek stems you cut.
3. Combine all ingredients and mix.
4. Microwave a tsp of filling on a plate for 10-20 second and taste. You can adjust the seasoning from there if you want more umami add more mushroom seasoning. If you want more salt add soy sauce, more sweetness then add sugar.
5. To assemble- fold dumplings like shown in the video. Make sure the centers are thicker than the edges when rolling your dough. (it may be helpful to view youtube too)
6. I weigh each piece of dough- each dumpling uses 14-18 grams of dough. And about a tsp-tbsp of filling. It’ll take practice. Freeze them for up to a month-6 months
7. To pan fry, on a shallow pan with a lid, I add enough oil (vegetable oil only) to the bottom to cover the pan. I line up desired dumplings about 1/2 inch apart. Then I turn on the heat, and add enough water to cover the dumplings half way then cover with a lid. When all the water evaporates, i remove the lid and the dumplings are done when the bottoms are crisp and peel off the bottom!
8. Serve with your choice of sauce. I like 1:2 ratio of soy sauce with vinegar.