How To Make Korokke!

The best Koroke recipe for the holidays!


This is my favorite dish to make for potlucks, friendsgivings, you name it. Every Christmas, I make this for my family. You can make batches of these korokkes ahead of time and freeze them before frying too!

This recipe was originally inspired by the korokke recipe from the youtube channel Cooking with Dog. They were my favorite cooking channel when i was a kid and some of the best dishes i made were from their youtube channel. This is my modified recipe with ingredients i found at HEB. These are delightful fried potato balls filled with ground beef.

All the Ingredients can be found at basically any local grocery store. The panko breadcrumbs are a must.

Fried Golden Brown


-      4 potatoes (HEB Lonestar russets 4 pack)
-      1-pound HEB grass-fed beef 90% lean
-      2 tbsp sugar
-      Salt and pepper to taste
-      HEB pre diced onions, 1 onion worth
-      1 cup cake flour
-      1 egg
-      1/3-1/2 cup of water
-      1 box HEB panko breadcrumbs
-      Oil for deep frying

1.    Boil potatoes until fully cooked or soft. Pierceable with a skewer
2.    Brown ground beef until fully cooked add chopped onions and continue to cook
3.    Cook beef and onion mixture until onions turn clear.
4.    Add sugar and add salt and pepper to taste.
5.    Add peeled cooked potatoes and mash until fully combined- add more salt and pepper to season.
6.    Allow mixture to cool
7.    Mix egg and cake flour and slowly mix in water until mixture becomes cake batter consistency.
8.    Scoop mixture and mix into balls- about 1/4 cup each
9.    Dip potatoes balls into batter and coat with panko crumbs.
10.  Drop coated balls into oil at 375 degrees
11.  Fry until golden brown.