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Here is my compilation of new restaurants/drinks/eats that have opened in Austin or around Austin. This list will be updated as I review more spots. The spots toward the end are places where I reviewed them right when they opened and had mixed feelings so I need to revisit!

1. Cuantas Hamburguesa

Cuantas Hamburguesa, an extension of Cuantos Tacos, has really upped the burger game in Austin. If you were a fan of their tacos, wait until you taste their burgers. Wow, the burgers were exceptional. We tried the Americana, a classic smash burger with a double patty and American cheese, and the Sincronizada, featuring a beef patty, ham, bacon, beef hotdog, pickled jalapeños, Mexican cheese, pickles, and romaine lettuce. The ratio of meats to bread filling was perfect. The patties were seasoned to perfection, and the combination of meats in the Sincronizada, especially with the pickled jalapeños, was absolutely delicious.

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2. Ramen Del Barrio

Chef Chris embarked on his culinary journey by initially serving ramen from his parents' garage before launching his brand-new ramen shop in Hanaworld. Our must-try bowls include the Carnitas Tonkotsu featuring buche and pork belly carnitas, complemented by grilled onions and topped with fresh cilantro. Another crowd-pleaser is the Agua Chile Ramen (weekend only), featuring succulent poached shrimp and tsunomo, elegantly tossed in a zesty habanero mayu and agave blend. For additional options, I highly recommend Chef Chris's Chicken Karaage and the Tako Taco with achiote marinade. Particularly on weekends, these offerings tend to be incredibly popular and may sell out quickly. Don't miss the chance to experience their crafted Mexican-Japanese fusion combinations.

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3. Gangnam Korean bbq

Gangnam Korean BBQ left a lasting impression on me. Their All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) options range from $39 to $59 and offer a diverse selection of meats and appetizers that you can order in unlimited quantities. My top recommendations from their selection are the thinly shaved brisket, pork belly, pork jowl, soy pork neck, and LA galbi. The instant ramen was also a delightful addition, featuring brisket and a perfectly cooked egg. The quality of the meat and the variety of sides were unparalleled in my experience with Korean BBQ in Austin. Despite having explored every Korean BBQ spot in the area, I found Gangnam's offerings even more appealing than Honey Pig. While it's true that you might find better prices through a la carte options elsewhere, if you possess a hearty appetite and seek the best quality available, or if you reside in South Austin, I strongly recommend giving Gangnam Korean BBQ a try. The overall dining experience was undeniably delicious, and I encourage everyone to give them a chance!

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4. Artipasta

I've been a longtime fan of Arti Pasta. Having grown up in Austin, where Italian cuisine was often pricey and Americanized, stumbling upon Artipasta was a game-changer. Back when they had around 40 followers, I decided to give them a shot, and I'm thrilled I did! Their North location is now open for dine-in, eliminating the need for takeout or pick-up. While they adjust to increased business, a little patience goes a long way. Their pasta dishes, priced between $12 and $17, are a steal compared to the typical $16-$30 range for Italian fare in town. One standout recommendation is the casarecce with almonds and sage—adding sun-dried tomatoes takes it to the next level! A fun tidbit: the family behind Artipasta hails from Italy—the wife manages their Instagram from Italy, while her husband oversees the restaurant and culinary delights right here in Austin.

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5. Daiboku Ramen

Daiboku Ramen is a new concept by Sazan ramen with head chef Kris Hammond. We dropped by for a review on a weekend around 4 pm and were pleasantly surprised by the lack of lines. We opted for the Smoked Chicken Shoyu and the Jirokei, along with a side of furikake rice and their signature wings.The Shoyu was a standout—impressive citrus notes in the kosho with a subtle smokiness. The balance and flavors were on point, especially the two types of chicken chashu. Despite appearing small, the portion was just right. As for the Jirokei, it was a tad fattier for my taste, but that's a personal bias as I'm not a huge fan of Jiro style. The thick noodles felt slightly off for this type of ramen.The chicken skin furikake was a tasty addition—I'm a fan of furikake! However, the wings could have been crispier, though I do prefer the ones at Sazan. Overall, it's one of the best bowls of ramen I've had in Austin, and I'm eager to explore more of their offerings.

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6. Yuki ATX

Yuki ATX is Austin's first official handroll bar. I know Uroko has temaki as well but these are hot made to order similar to LA. When you walk in, you grab a seat at the bar and peruse the menu. You can opt for a combo or go A la carte. My husband tried their 6 roll combo for $35, and I went A la carte with hamachi, salmon, unagi, chutoro, and Madai for around $39. The combos are definitely more economical.My main critique revolves around the crab, lobster, and scallop in my husband's combo, which tasted overly sweet and mayo-based. The scallops were cooked, unlike what I'm used to with raw preparations. On the other hand, the fish I ordered were notably better. The sushi rice seasoning here reminds me of Korean-Japanese sushi spots in town like Osaka Mansun and Hanabi. I appreciate the warm rice and crispy nori. The fish is served slightly chilled with a swipe of sauce before rolling. Fish quality aligns with the standard of most Korean/Japanese sushi spots in Austin, in my opinion. Definitely worth a visit—I find the combination of crisp nori, warm rice, and fish immensely satisfying.

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7. Wow Poke

Wow Poke hits all the marks for fantastic poke bowls. From flavorful marinated fish to perfectly cooked rice and fresh toppings, they've got it all in just the right proportions. Initially skeptical of trendy Instagram-worthy spots, I was swayed by enticing online photos and recommendations from followers about Wow Poke's great offerings. I visited during a not-so-busy lunchtime on a Saturday, and they conveniently share space with @heylovebirds, allowing for indoor dining with AC.

We opted for the Spicy Maguro bowl (spicy tuna, white rice, jalapeños, cucumber, radish, seaweed salad, crispy onions, topped with spicy mayo and sesame seeds) and the Mix Love bowl with added edamame (salmon and tuna, white rice, mango, scallions, avocado, house dressing, furikake, and crispy onions). Both bowls were priced at $15 and $17 respectively, including the edamame. I was pleasantly surprised by the generous portion sizes, considering in Hawaii, poke bowls often range from $20-$30+.

Overall, the taste was delightful! The ratios were perfect, ensuring every bite was well-balanced. The sauces were delectable, nicely coating the warm, flawlessly cooked rice. The fish was fresh without any lingering fishiness. The topping combinations were well executed.

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8. P Thais

I finally tried PThai’s at Hong Kong Supermarket. Their menu is quite limited, offering only four different items with occasional specials like Pig Feet. The fried chicken was unavailable, so we opted for the fried pork belly and Khao Man Gai. Having grown up with Hainan Ji fan, I can confidently say this version was excellent. If I were to provide any feedback, the soup accompanying my chicken rice was a tad too salty for my liking. The Khao Man Gai stood out with its incredibly flavorful chicken fat rice—a true delight. The fried pork belly was also quite satisfying; however, the nam prik that came with it was a bit strong. Chef Thai recommended enjoying it with a small amount of sauce on top of rice for the best experience. Make sure to arrive early as they tend to sell out of items. Weekdays are notably less crowded.

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9. Asados

I recently visited Asados Taqueria after their 3-year closure. The owner, known for a shop inside Springdale, has reopened with a focus on Cali Mex and Mission-style burritos. I ordered the super-style steak burrito, requesting it to be crispy, and the quesadilla with carnitas. This is the best Cali Mex I've had in Austin to date. The crispy tortillas skin goes perfectly with the juicy guac, pinto beans, and perfectly cooked steak. the burritos here are mission style and come without rice and pack lots of flavor and wonderful texture. I highly recommend this food truck.

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10. L&L Hawaiian BBQ

I know I know it's a franchise but we have to talk about it since it's an Hawaiian staple. We tried a variety of dishes at a reasonable price: BBQ mix plate for $15.99, garlic shrimp for $13.99, chicken katsu for $13.69, loco moco plate for $13.59, and spam musubi for $3.39. The garlic shrimp was excellently fried and lacked sauciness, making it ideal for those who prefer a buttery shrimp flavor. The chicken katsu was a bit soggy and could've been seasoned and fried better despite being eaten fresh. The galbi lacked char and tasted like teriyaki beef, which wasn't to our liking. The loco moco, on the other hand, was pretty good—the gravy was delicious, complementing the rice and egg, although the meat was a bit tough. The spam musubi was saucier than others I've had, in a good way! The portions were generous for the price, making it a great spot in South Austin with friendly staff. Personally, I wouldn't order the galbi again.

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11. Mum Foods

Mums Food is a spot that can be found at the farmers market. They recently opened a brick and mortar with limited lunch hours from 11 am till they sell out. I ordered the 1/2 pastrami sandwich with sauerkraut, a brisket burnt end sandwich, shells and cheese, potato salad, and matzo ball soup. The sandwiches impressed me, with moist, well-seasoned meat, and the standout was the exceptional bread. The sides were good, though the $7 price for shells and cheese seemed a bit steep. The matzo ball was a highlight. Worth noting, they only serve burnt ends, not ribs or brisket, on Wednesdays. I'll definitely revisit to try the chess pie, but sadly, they used salt instead of sugar, ruining the batch for the day. they have recently launched a breakfast program as well on weekends with BEC sandwiches.

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12.Comadre Panaderia

Comadre Panaderia, spearheaded by an aspiring baker with a James Beard nomination, initially gained popularity through pop-ups at Nixta with a pre-order system. She successfully launched her bakery through a GoFundMe campaign and now operates a brick-and-mortar location next to Nixta, open only on weekends. Intrigued by the fantastic reviews, I decided to try their Concha. For more information, you can visit their website: Every item I tried was delicious, with the bean, egg, and cheese empanada truly standing out. I plan to order several of those on my next visit. Comadre's offerings sell out swiftly, so it's advisable to arrive early or opt for their weekly pre-ordering system

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13. Bottega ATX

I visited the new Bottega in Mueller, co-owned by the ownerof @merry_monarch_creamery. The small spot offers free street parking and a walk-up window for orders. I tried the delightful affogato with Persian honeycomb for $8 and a satisfying casero cheese board for $15. The blueberry muffin for $4 was exceptional, soft, and bursting with flavors. I'd recommend looking for the menu on the side of the building for more options. It's a great place to hang out, enjoy small bites, and they're planning to add wine, beer, and more pastries soon!

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14. Yummy Arepa

At @yummyarepas.x, friendly people serve some of the best food! I discovered this gem after a follower recommended it during her visit to @tacoslacatrina24. Upon arrival, the owner warmly greeted me, introduced herself, and enthusiastically explained their popular menu items. She suggested trying the Arepa Ranchera. I typically don't reveal my identity when trying new places, but it was a pleasant surprise to receive such welcoming service. The Arepa Ranchera was served with a crispy white corn cake, a deviation from the traditional Venezuelan style in my opinion. It featured bacon, sausage, chicharron, mozzarella cheese, pulled beef, and avocado. Despite my initial concern about it being too heavy, it turned out to be pretty delicious. Definitely worth a visit, and their provided sauces added an extra delightful touch!

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15. Cafe de Margo

So, @cafe_de_margo is a charming spot in Hanaworld that specializes in croffles. It truly transported me back to Seoul. Allow me to share a story! During my time in Seoul, my husband was hospitalized, and due to COVID restrictions, I could only visit the hospital cafeteria and grocery store. On one of these trips, I discovered croffles being sold at the grocery store. These croffles brought me immense happiness in an otherwise challenging and restricted period. The aroma and taste of those freshly made croffles were heavenly!

Walking into Hana and catching the scent of croffles at Café de Margo instantly reminded me of the joy I experienced in Seoul. The croffles I had here were delightful, and the friendly, cheerful staff added to the positive experience. If you're looking for an authentic Korean croffle experience, I highly recommend giving them a try at Café de Margo. They have lovely whipped cream as well.

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16. Gelatoro

There's a new gelato shop in Hyde Park, taking over the old Juiceland spot. @gelatoroatx offers artisanal gelato, quite similar to Dolce Bacio—smooth in texture, not too icy, and with delicious flavors. While my go-to gelato places in Austin are Gelato Paradiso and Dolce Bacio, I enjoyed this spot too. Although I only got to sample the chocolate flavor, I wished there was enough for a full scoop because it was incredibly tasty.

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17. Tacos La Catrina

Let me introduce you to a hidden gem before Eater Austin or Texas Monthly spotlights it. @tacoslacatrina24, a food truck, offers Birria, steak, and suadero tacos. According to one follower, their incredible food hasn't gained much exposure due to the location. I tried their quesabirria tacos, steak tacos, and agua frescas. The first thing that impressed me was the perfectly greasy and fried tortillas, adding a delightful crispiness. The steak was incredibly tender and Birria, though I usually prefer Birria de Chivo (goat), was solid with a savory and umami-packed consommé. I highly recommend trying the Birria here—it's my favorite in Austin so far. While the agua fresca was slightly sweet, it was enjoyable. With so many Birria spots popping up, this one stands out in my opinion. The suadero is another must!

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18. Uncle Tetsu

Yes, I know, another franchise, but you've got to try these jiggly cheesecakes! Having tasted them in various cities, I ordered three different cheesecakes to review. Priced at only $13 each, except for the Basque one at $23, they were quite decent. Personally, I particularly enjoyed the strawberry one as it balanced the eggy taste better. The Basque cheesecake had a good interior, but I wasn't a fan of the exterior. I'm eagerly anticipating when they introduce the cheese tarts and madeleines! I love the soft, airy feel and spongy texture. These are less sweet than typical American cheesecakes but incredibly delicious.

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19. Teaspoon

Teaspoon Austin is a winner in my book! Finding good boba tea spots in Austin can be challenging, but Teaspoon offers a great variety, including dairy-free options like Oat milk. The matcha Royale was fantastic, and I highly recommend their milk tea or any of their fruit teas!

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20. Chichasanchen

Chichasanchen, a new boba tea spot in Austin, caught my attention. With a deep love for boba, especially being Taiwanese, I've had some exceptional ones in my life. I've previously tried this brand in LA and found it lacking. This time, I tried their Green tea with honey, Mango Osmanthus Tea with coconut jelly, and Milk tea with Pearls—all at the 'perfect' sweetness level. The teas were flavorful, with the Green tea standing out for its delightful floral taste, winning Michelin equivalent awards.

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21. David Doughies

There's a new bagel spot in town, David Doughies and I've often been let down by other bagels in the area. I preordered half a dozen bagels and also tried the scallion cream cheese spread and the house-made smoked salmon. The owner hand-rolls each bagel, ages it for two days, and carefully adjusts the water pH to match that of New York. The result? Stellar bagels with amazing chew, flavor, and a soft, fluffy texture—probably the best I've had in Austin, and maybe even in my life.The pricing may seem a bit high, but it's justified considering the use of the premium Barton Springs Mill flour and high-quality salmon. Considering the costs of a commercial kitchen, farmers market fees, and the dedication to quality, the slightly higher cost is understandable. Compared to other spots in town, the price difference is negligible, and I'm more than willing to pay for such a top-notch product. I brought some bagel enthusiast friends with me, including one from Baltimore who has frequented New York for their bagels, and they were equally impressed. Pro tip: Preorder to skip the line. If you prefer ordering in person, the Lakeline location usually has a shorter line.

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22. El Abuelo Barbacoa (Georgetown)

@barbacoa.el.abuelo is a gem for lamb barbacoa enthusiasts, prepared in the traditional Hidalgo style from Mexico. They heat up the pit overnight with wood for 4-5 hours, then slow-cook the lamb wrapped in agave leaves for 7-8 hours, resulting in tender and flavorful lamb barbacoa. Operating on weekends from 8 am, the place often draws a crowd, so arriving early is wise. During my visit at 10 am on a Sunday, there was still plenty of barbacoa available. I ordered a pound of barbacoa for $25 and a cup of consommé for $6, which were both delicious. The meal came with tortillas sourced from a local homemade provider, elevating the overall experience.The red salsa was particularly fantastic, although they ran out, so I couldn't take any extra home. Overall, I find the lamb barbacoa, when cooked well, to be incredibly savory and even surpassing beef barbacoa. The tenderness and flavor of the lamb at this spot were exceptional. Check out their instagram for any updates. The address is 150 Haverland Drive.

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23. Aleidas (Cedar Park)

If you find yourself in Cedar Park, don't miss this hidden gem. @aleidasrestaurant is a cozy Venezuelan eatery run by a family. Their must-try items include the Arepa Pabellon, Cachapa with Cheese, and Tequenos. The Arepa Pabellon, adorned with fried plantains, cheese, beans, and pulled pork or chicken, stands out as my favorite in town, boasting perfect ratios and impeccable seasoning. As for the Cachapa, it's the best I've ever had, especially when paired with cheese.

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24. Kane Sushi (Cedar Park)

I've found my favorite sushi spot in Cedar Park, which was quite a pleasant surprise! @kane.cedarpark recently opened in a new shopping center, and it's quickly become a go-to for me. We tried a variety of dishes, including the must-try Red Crane Roll, which was delicious, and the Spider Roll, a crispy delight. The fish here is served a bit on the colder side, but the well-seasoned rice and fresh taste make up for it. The Hamachi Carpaccio with uni and citrus sauce was a standout. I also recommend their buttery uni pasta! Service was excellent, with friendly and attentive staff ensuring we had a great dining experience. Plan to spend around $30 per person, or $50 if you're quite hungry. We even had some leftovers. Side note this is one of the most beautiful restaurant's I've ever seen!

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Spots I need to revisit (Either the food wasn't up to par or I haven't visited in a long time)

1. Bureau de poste

Bureau de Poste recently opened at Tiny Grocer in Hyde Park. Unfortunately, the experience wasn't great. The escargot lacked seasoning and came in a small portion without bread. The Bureau de Poste Moules Frites, priced at $24, had an incredibly tiny serving of fries—scarcely more than a McDonald's Happy Meal portion. The Clafoutis Dessert was overcooked and dry, requiring scraping off the pan. Being a new establishment, improvements are likely, so it might be worth giving them time to refine their offerings. I would suggest trying their Duck Leg Cassoulet, despite its small portion, for a hearty and comforting meal.

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2. Soup Leaf Hot pot

Soup Leaf, a recent addition to the Crescent Shopping Center, opened this year. We secured a reservation for their soft opening online, priced at $23 per person for sides and unlimited broth, with meat options available a la carte ranging from $4 to $6. I'd suggest 2-3 meat options for a party of two.We sampled the Mala, Tonkotsu, and Tomato broths. In terms of variety, the restaurant offers an extensive selection of non-protein and vegetable options, making it a great deal for vegetarians. However, we found the broths to be rather bland and needing significant simmering for flavor. Even the Mala broth lacked spice, but we mitigated this by adding mala spice from the sauce bar. The Tonkotsu and Tomato broths also lacked depth. Considering the wide array of sauces available, the best approach is to have fun and experiment by adding your desired flavors from the sauce bar. Soup Leaf offers a diverse range of meats and seafood options. Since our visit, they have transitioned to an All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) model, prompting us to plan a revisit to see if the broth flavors have improved.

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3. Uptown Sports Club

When I heard @uptownsportsclub was reopening with a NOLA-inspired concept by Aaron Franklin, I had to try it. We sampled various dishes, including the tasty yet slightly pricey Orange and cream freeze. The shrimp cocktail was good, but it's hard to go wrong there. The gumbo had a nice flavor but could use a bit more spice and thickness. The wedge salad wasn't to my liking, possibly due to the dressing-to-lettuce ratio.Now, let's talk Po boys. The bread, sourced from @leidenheimerbakingco in NOLA, was exceptional—crispy and fluffy, a perfect complement to the toppings. We tried the beef and shrimp versions. The shrimp Po boy was tasty, maintaining great texture despite breading. The beef one was good but didn't quite match the flavors of the fried shrimp. I'd love to see a fried crawfish Po boy. While my husband wasn't a po boy fan, I enjoyed Uptown Sports Club and believe it will improve over time. Don't miss the panna cotta and bread pudding. Prices were a bit high for certain items but in line with other spots on East 6th. I need to revisit as I've only been during the soft opening.

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4. Veracruz Fonda

Veracruz Fonda is the latest venture by the owners of Veracruz al Natural, featuring a fresh brick-and-mortar concept inspired by family recipes. According to their website, 'Veracruz Fonda & Bar' offers a sit-down, table service experience with a modern take on traditional dinner menus, specializing in antojitos (small bites) and plates reminiscent of their mother's Fonda in Veracruz, Mexico. During our visit, we sampled a variety of items and the unanimous recommendation includes the concha, empanada, ceviche, and mojarra frita.

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