Top Places to visit in East Austin

Things to Do in East Austin


East Austin is one of my favorite places to visit. On this guide you'll find places that I go to all the time. A lot of places I visit in east Austin are because I'm searching for plants or spots to eat. Honestly, I think it's one of the best parts of Austin because you'll find quirky, weird, and artisanal spots located here. There's a lot of hidden gems and a lot of new spots. 

1. Springdale General

Julie Mrytille at Springdale General.
Springdale General

Springdale General is one of my favorite spots to visit. I stumbled across this spot a couple years ago whenever I was looking for Julie Myrtille Bakery. It seems like this is a popular spot to study, grab a cup of coffee, and also check out local artists. There's a couple of pottery shops stationery shops and also a couple of pop-up kitchens. My favorite spots inside Springdale General are Uroko and Julie Myrtille bakery.

Pastry at Julie Mrytille Bakery.
Pastry at Julie Myrtille Bakery

There's also a bar and a couple of hair salons. This is a neat place to stop by if you're looking for some lunch or you're simply in the area browsing.

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Address: 1023 Springdale Rd Building 1D, Austin, TX 78721

2. East Austin Succulents/Tillery Plant Austin.

East Austin Succulents
East Austin Succulents

East Austin succulents and Tillery Austin are located right next to each other. They are both plant shops. East Austin succulents specializes in cacti and succulents. They have make your own plant sections where you purchase a pot and a plant and they pot it for you. Tillery Austin sells mainly houseplants and tropical plants. They also sell pots as well. If you have any plant lovers this is an amazing place to visit.

Address: 801 Tillery St, Austin, TX 78702

3.Camp East

Fil N Viet
Fil N viet

Camp East is a spot I recently discovered. They are home to Do Bakery and Fil n Viet. This is a very large outdoor space with plenty of areas to hang out. They also have a wine shop. This is definitely a cool place to hang out on the weekends and there's plenty of shade.

Guava and Cinnamon Roll at Do Bakery.
Guava and Cinnamon roll at Do Bakery

Address: 2907 E 12th St, Austin, TX 78702

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