Must Eats

Fun Places for Large Groups in Austin, TX

The perfect guide for those planning bachelorettes, graduations, birthday parties and more!


1. Seoulju ATX

Dumpling Rice Cake Soup at Seoulju

Seoulju is a perfect 10/10 when it comes to celebrating special occasions and birthdays! They serve delicious Korean street food, and the portions are really large and shareable. I highly recommend trying the chicken nuggets with cheese fondue, the Korean Army stew, and the Korean Fried Chicken. They offer some great soju options, and be sure to check out their special birthday shots! You can find their menu by clicking here, and they also take reservations.

2. The Thicket Austin

Food at Song La

The Thicket made it onto my list because it's probably the best food truck park in Austin. They have all kinds of food options, making it the perfect spot to bring a group of friends and try out all the different types of food trucks and cuisines! While all the food trucks are really good, my personal favorites are Song la, Un Mundo De Sabor, Arti Pasta, and Brooklyn Breakfast Shop.

3. Estancia Churrasco

This spot is my favorite all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse in Austin, TX. Not only can they accommodate large groups, but they also have a great all-you-can-eat salad bar with charcuterie and cheese, and all you have to do is flip your green card up to get all the meats. My personal favorite cuts are the picanha steak! You can find their menu by clicking here, and they also take reservations.

4. Bamboo House

Peking Duck

Bamboo House is a great spot for groups because their dishes are very large and shareable - we're talking platters of food! This authentic Chinese restaurant serves some of the best Peking duck in Austin, and I highly recommend trying it. Other favorites of mine include the breaded lobster and the spicy crispy chicken. It's worth noting that they don't take reservations, but the restaurant is quite spacious. You can find their menu here.

5. 1618 Asian Fusion

Tom kha Fried Rice at 1618

1618 is another spot that I love! It's perfect for large groups because they serve fun drinks and great food. I highly recommend going with a large group and trying the whole red snapper, the duck curry, the tom kha fried rice, and the soup dumplings - all are delicious! And don't miss out on their flambeverest cheesecake, which they light on fire at the table! They take reservations via Yelp, and you can find their menu here.

6. The Dirdie Birdie

Dirdie Birdie doesn't necessarily have great food, but what I love about it is the cool immersive putt-putt course. If you're interested, you can click here to see my Instagram reel on it! It's still a fun place to visit at least once, and you can find more details here.

7. Better Half Coffee & Cocktails

Burger at Better Half

Better Half is a great spot to hang out with friends. They have a really large outdoor area and a pretty decent food menu. Their burger is considered one of the best in town, and they also serve cocktails, wine, and beer. I highly recommend trying their chicken sandwich too! You can find their menu by clicking here.

8. Honey Pig BBQ

BBQ honey Pig

Honey Pig is my go-to spot for Korean BBQ in Austin, TX. While they do offer à la carte options, I highly recommend getting one of their combo options. While it may not be the most amazing Korean BBQ you'll ever have, it's still a fun spot and probably the best you'll find in Austin. You can check out their website by clicking here.

9. Delucca Gaucho Pizza & Wine Austin

Assorted Pizza

This place is like the pizza version of a Brazilian steakhouse. It's all-you-can-eat pizza! They have over 15 different pizzas that they bring around, and all you have to do is put up your green card to get a slice. In my opinion, it's super fun and great for groups, but personally, I prefer just eating a really good single pizza at my favorite pizza spot, Pedrosos. However, this spot is great for sampling all the different pizzas! You can find their menu by clicking here.

10. The Yard

Texas Sushiko

This is actually a street with multiple wineries, distilleries, and breweries. I recommend coming to this plaza and hopping from spot to spot! You'll find St. Elmo Brewery, The Austin Winery, Still Whisky, and more here. Each one of these spots is also home to food trucks!

11. Kura Sushi

Kura Sushi

This one is controversial. Kura Sushi is not high-quality sushi, but it's so fun and cheap! The sushi comes around on a conveyor belt, and you're charged by the plate. Last time I checked, each plate was about $3 and came with 2 pieces of nigiri or 3 slices of a roll. It's a great spot for kids, too. If you get 15 plates, you win a prize! Click here for more information. They also offer seasonal Kura Sushi Discovery options where they have limited-time sushi specials.

12. Loro

Loro is a great spot for large groups! They have a large outdoor seating space and are very kid friendly. This spot serves bbq and asian inspired eats. The corn fritters are tasty and they have seasonal specials. Here is the menu.

13. Meanwhile Brewing

Besame at Meanwhile

Meanwhile Brewing is a great spot for parties and groups! The brewery itself has plenty of drink options, but the actual space (indoor and outdoor) is huge! They're also home to multiple food trucks, including Besame, Distant Relatives, and more. It's surprisingly very kid-friendly too. Click here for more information.

14.Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden

BBQ plate Leroy and Lewis

Another great spot for large groups and parties! Similar to Meanwhile, they're home to a bunch of food trucks. They have specialty-brewed coffee, beer, and live music. Oh, and they're dog-friendly so feel free to bring your dogs! Click here for the menu. Parking is a madhouse on weekends, but they have tons of outdoor seating and food options. It's also home to the really popular BBQ spot, Leroy and Lewis.

15. Radio Coffee and Beer


This spot is similar to Cosmic! They are home to DeeDee and Veracruz. Lots of outdoor seating, live music, coffee and beer! They are also dog-friendly. This is a good spot for a more casual large group in my opinion.

16. Gabrielas

Gabrielas Agua Frescas

Gabriela's is the perfect spot for a bachelorette party or a birthday party! The food here is so-so, but my favorite dishes are the choriqueso. Their sister restaurant, Taquero Mucho, is more Instagrammable, but I think this spot has better food in my opinion. This is by no means traditional Mexican food, at least in my opinion. They have multiple locations, but the South Austin location is huge and has a very large patio. You can find their menu here.

17. JewBoy Burgers

JewBoy Burgers

Jewboy is the perfect spot for a birthday In My opinion! Lots of outdoor seatings and their patio is dog friendly! The portions are huge and you have to get a queso to share. The burgers are solid here but the real hidden gems are their burritos. Anyways here is the menu. Note they don't take reservations!

18. Garbos

Lobster Rolls at Garbos

Garbos has a large indoor and outdoor space, making it a great spot for celebrations. They also have an outdoor playscape, perfect for kids' birthday parties with the ice cream truck. If you're coming here with a group larger than 6 and without kids, I recommend making a reservation to sit indoors. The outside area can be full of children and may not be the best option for an intimate party. Note that they charge $15 for outside desserts in case you want to bring a cake, but they will cut and serve the cake for you. I personally enjoy their lobster rolls and daily specials. Here is the menu.

19. Salt Traders Coastal Kitchen

Lobster and Shrimp Roll from Salt Traders!

Another great spot for celebrating a special occasion or a birthday is this place. They have a large indoor space and can accommodate large parties. They also accept reservations and offer a private room for large parties. It's a great spot with decently sized portions, in my opinion. Their seafood tower is a showstopper, and I like their lobster and shrimp roll. One of my favorite dishes is their CIOPPINO (tomato broth, mussels, clams, redfish, shrimp, grilled sourdough). It's a very generous portion too. It's not super fancy, but it's not super casual either. Here is the menu.

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