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The Best Asian Restaurants in Austin, TX 2022-2023

A list of the best asian restaurants I ate in Austin, TX in 2022 - 2023.


Here were my top picks for Asian Food in 2022 in Austin, TX

Here is the Original Reel post for those interested.

Best Thai food - @thaikun_og

Larb from Thai Kun

I love Thai kun.  I eat it about once a week I always ordered their Larb and  their whole fish and the Coco crisp. The food here is very flavorful. It can be a little bit spicy, so watch out. if you want something less spicy I recommend getting the fried chicken and the whole fish and the papaya salad here also really good.

Address: 11601 Rock Rose Ave, Austin, TX 78758

Best ramen - @ramen512

I personally think that Ramen 512 has the best Ramen in Austin, Texas. Technically, it’s located in Cedar Park. I think that the best Ramen here is their shoyu Ramen and also their dipping noodles that they do during special pop-ups. This Ramen is the closest Ramen to the ones you will find in Japan . 

Address: 1420 Cypress Creek Road Ste 300, Cedar Park, TX 78613

Best pop up - @ramen_del_barrio

Mazesoba from Ramen512.
Green tomatillo Mazesoba

So funny story is I stumbled on Ramen garage on Instagram when he only had about 200 followers, I Dm’d him to make a reservation at the time and when I showed up it was literally a guy cooking in his garage and he was making this Menudo Ramen. Anyways, the experience was really good and I posted my reel and it went viral and now he since garnered enough support and followers to open a restaurant which will be called Ramen Del barrio. It will be located inside of Hana world. 

Address: 1700 W Parmer Ln #100, Austin, TX 78727

Best Japanese sando- @choo_sando_omakase

Sandos from choosando.
ebi Sando, egg sando, and assorted sando set.

Choo Sando is a Japanese Sando concept open by Chef Choo. He’s a really popular sushi chef that used to work at Hanabi or Haru and now he has since opened a brick and mortar that sells Japanese sandwiches. The sandwiches are loaded and they sell out really quick I highly recommend the ebi Katsu and the fruit ones and also his seasonal options.  

Address: 5222 Burnet Rd Suite535, Austin, TX 78756

Best bento/Asian grocery - @asahiimports

Bento's from Asahi Imports.
Top 2 dishes from Asahi Imports, Hamburg Bento and Soba Set

Asahi Imports is probably my go to grocery store for Japanese goods and on certain days of the week they actually sell bento and also rice balls I recommend going early or on a weekday so that they don’t sell out. Their Bento is actually very delicious and I love their side dishes.

Address: 6105 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757

Best omakase- @tsuke_edomae

Tsuke edomae is my favorite Omakase spot in Austin, Texas. It can be really hard to get a reservation here Chef Mike’s Omakase will run you about 100 per person. He’s currently in Japan so prices may change once he gets back but it’s obviously the best value Omakase you’ll get , I’ve had sushi in Japan that doesn’t even compare to Mike’s level of quality. What makes his Sushi stand out is the type of rice he uses and the fact that every visit the menu changes and you can tell that he gets better and better. 

Address: 4600 Mueller Blvd #1035, Austin, TX 78723

Best izakaya- @fukumotoaustin

Fukumoto is actually opened from one of my childhood friends, more like I knew him when I was a kid lol. Kazu makes the most amazing uni pasta and also skewers. I highly recommend this spot for their Japanese Izakaya eats. I wouldn’t necessarily say I go here for sushi, but it is a nice touch, especially his chirashi bowls when he has them. 

Address: 514 Medina St, Austin, TX 78702

Best hand rolls - @urokoaustin

Handrolls from Uroko.
Spicy Tuna Handroll and one of their handroll specials.

My favorite hand rolls in Austin is from Uroko Austin. They only serve handrolls and what I think is the best deal is their make your own handroll set, It can easily feed two people. I love the casual nature of this place. It’s perfect for a quick date or just a quick lunch. 

Address: 1023 Springdale Rd Bldg 1 Suite C, Austin, TX 78721

Best sushi rolls - @musashinoatx

The best sushi rolls in Austin can be found at Musashino ATX. I also think they have my favorite Karaage and also chicken teriyaki overall it’s probably one of my favorite restaurants in Austin. I celebrate special occasions here and I love their hybrid roll and also their Texas road runner roll. You can’t go wrong with any of the rolls. Honestly, I would not recommend their nigiri.

Address: 2905 San Gabriel St Suite 200, Austin, TX 78705

Best Japanese restaurant in general- @komeaustin

Katsu and Sushi from Kome Austin.
Curry Rice with Katsu

If you want a very consistent Japanese restaurant, I really recommend Kome Austin. I’m a big fan of the Japanese curry. They only serve it till about 5 PM, I believe. I also like their spooky roll and the Ramen is pretty decent. I wouldn’t say they excel in any particular dish, but if you take anyone here, they’re gonna like anything you order.  

Address: 5301 Airport Blvd #100, Austin, TX 78751

Best Chinese food- Bamboo House

Peking Duck from Bamboo House.
Peking Duck

So I thought long and hard about this but I decided to put Bamboo House here as my favorite Chinese restaurant. When it first opened I felt like they had the absolute best Chinese food I’ve had in Austin, it was comparable to the level of Houston. I highly recommend their Peking Duck , the spicy crispy chicken and the breaded lobster. I’ve been maybe five times and maybe a couple times the food hasn’t been as amazing as it should be so just be aware they do have consistency issues but when the food is good, it’s amazing. I recommend sharing half a duck only get a whole duck if you have maybe a group of eight people. Also be warned that the ducks do sell out. 

Address: 7010 Easy Wind Dr Unit 100, Austin, TX 78752

Best Taiwanese food - @songlafood

Basil Fried Chicken from SongLa.
Basil Fried chicken and ground pork with rice

The best Taiwanese food in Austin can be found at Song la. It’s a food truck located in the thicket. They originally made their name being located at UT. Everything here is delicious I really like their basil fried chicken, their ground pork with rice and also your seasonal cold peanut noodles. They do sell out pretty fast so make sure to get here early. 

Address: 7800 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78745

Best dumplings- @tasteofhomedumplings

Panfried Pork, Shrimp, and Chive dumplings

The best dumplings in Austin can be found at taste of home dumplings. The reason I chose taste of home is because they specialize specifically and making just dumplings. I highly recommend their pork, shrimp, chive, pan fried dumplings, as those are their best ones. I also really like the abalone steamed dumplings, which kind of remind me of soup dumplings with the amount of delicious broth that comes out , they were pretty swamped in the beginning and had consistency issues but now it looks like they’ve calmed down. 

Address: 10901 N Lamar Blvd b203, Austin, TX 78753

Best Pho- Tan My

So this is controversial but I think Tan My has the best pho in Austin. I grew up eating here since I was a kid and they’ve always been very consistent. However, I’m not Vietnamese so I can’t really give you what authentic pho should taste like, but I always like the pho here , if you want to try some other good options I also recommend fresh bowl, pho phong Luu and Sip Pho.

Address: 1601 Ohlen Rd # E, Austin, TX 78758

Best banh mi - @atxfreshbowl

Banh Mi from FreshBowlATX.
Combination Banh Mi

My favorite banh mi in town is now at Fresh Bowl. They opened up this year. What I like about this bánh mì is it stuffed with delicious pate, Vietnamese mayo and a mixture of different cold cuts and also grilled meats. It’s really stacked and I believe this sandwich only cost $7-8 dollars making it easily one of the best meal deals in Austin. The bread is toasty and delicious. I highly recommend trying it.

Address: 1021 E Parmer Ln, Austin, TX 78753

Best Indian food - @austinsangam

Indian Curry from Asiana.
Indian Curry from Asiana

This spot serves specifically South Indian cuisine, but like most Indian restaurants in Austin, they pretty much serve everything you can think of from tikka masala to samosas. I would say what I didn’t like about this visit was I feel like when I asked them to recommend things they automatically assumed I was only willing to try more Americanized dishes , so I don’t feel like I ordered the best options. I recommend ordering their south Indian dishes as that’s what they’re known for. 

Address: 6001 W Parmer Ln #140, Austin, TX 78727

Best Asian fusion - @1618asianfusion

I’m a huge fan of 1618 Asian fusion, it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Austin because every dish you get here is very consistent even though it’s considered fusion, it’s more like they serve multiple types of cuisines and dishes in the restaurant rather than mixing the different cultures together. I recommend getting their Tom kha coconut fried rice, the soup dumplings, the red snapper that comes with the rice paper and also saving room for dessert for the flambeverest cheesecake, they light it on fire in front of you and it’s super cool. 

Address: 1618 E Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78741

Best Korean food- @narrowstreet512

My favorite Korean restaurant in Austin is narrow Street 512. They were a bit of a hidden gem for a while, and I posted about them all the time saying that I love their soups and also their cold noodles and recently they gained a lot of traction as a bunch of people are starting to discover them. I would say that it’s one of the best value meals considering Korean food is kind of expensive in Austin but also the flavors of the soups here specifically their Haejanguk is very authentic to what you would find in Korea. 

Address: 11301 Lakeline Blvd, Austin, TX 78717

Best Korean BBQ - @honeypigbbq

Premium Meat Combo from Honeypig.
Premium Meat combo 129 bucks

Currently my favorite Korean barbecue is at Honeypig. I want to pre-face this by saying that Austin does not have very good Korean barbecue especially compared to Dallas or LA but if you’re really looking for Korean barbecue, I recommend checking out Honeypig. They recently opened right next to H Mart, they have a amazing meal deal where I believe you get enough meat to feed about 6 people for only 129 bucks , I also like their banChan here and their corn cheese, I would say the negative is sometimes the meat quality isn’t consistent and I find the cold noodles are too chewy. 

Address: 11301 Lakeline Blvd unit 7, Austin, TX 78717

Best Korean street eats and late night - @seouljuatx

My go to spot for a late night food and the fun time is Seoulju ATX. I’m really close to the owners after going there since they owned College Road house. My favorite dishes here are their stirfried squid and pork belly with rice, their military hot pot and spicy rice cake soup. Fun fact, I invented their fried chicken nugget fondue dish so in case you go there, make sure to order that and check it out. I also gave inspiration for their Bulne and their dak galbi. 

Address: 9515 N Lamar Blvd Suite 230, Austin, TX 78753

Best Viet Cajun - @happyritoatx

Happy Rito Set from HappyRito.
Happy Rito Set

For the best Viet Cajun in Austin Texas I recommend trying Happyrito. It’s located closer to Cedar Park but what I like is their sauce their use and I like the addition of lemon, it just adds a nice tang and citrus flavor to the garlicky spicy crawfish. Make sure to follow them on Instagram because they post about their meal deals on there. 

Address: 11066 Pecan Park Blvd Suite 540, Cedar Park, TX 78613

Best wings - @fil_n_viet

For the best wings in Austin, Texas I recommend checking out Fil n Viet, they have these delicious chicken wings that I believe they may use some sort of rice or potato starch. I’m not too sure but it’s unbelievably crispy. Moist fried chicken in the seasoning they put on it is so delicious.  

Address: Inside Camp East, 2903 E 12th St, Austin, TX 78702