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The BEST Food Trucks in Austin, TX

Here are the Best Food Trucks in Austin!


If you're looking to experience the diverse culinary offerings of Austin, then look no further than its bustling food truck scene, and in this article, we'll be highlighting some of the city's top food trucks that are definitely worth a visit.

1. Spicy Boys

OG Hot Chicken Sandwich at Spicy Boys

Let me just say my love runs really deep for Spicy Boys. So much that I've been obsessed since they used to be called SourSop. Spicy boys has multiple locations but i feel their OG sandwich with sweet chili honey, papaya relish, and Thai basil ranch is the best chicken sandwich in Austin. Yep I said it, please don't @ me. Their tots are also to die for! I would fight for Spicy Boys!

Here is their instagram.

2. Merry Monarch Creamery

Icecream at Merry Monarch Creamery

I visit this place at least once or twice a week. I first discovered it through TsukeEdomae, where Chef Mike incorporates their Oreo Miso as a dessert to conclude his omakase. I adore all the flavors they offer, which are seasonal and constantly changing. Greg, the owner, is a delightful person who is passionate about his ice cream and generously provides samples. I highly recommend trying their Coffee Chocolate, Dial C, and Boo Berry flavors.

Here is their instagram.

3. Pedroso's Pizza

Sicilian Pizza Pedrosos

Pedroso's Food Truck is arguably my top pick for pizza in Austin. Having tried pizzas from various places including NYC and Boston, I can confidently say that Pedroso's serves up authentic and delicious pizzas. Their Sicilian-style pizzas can be pre-ordered on Mondays and Tuesdays for pick up throughout the week. The food truck stays open until late and also sells pizza by the slice. Out of all the flavors, the NYC cheese is my personal favorite, thanks to the perfect balance of cheese, sauce, and crispy crust. Ordering in advance by phone is also an option.

Here is their instagram.

4.Dee Dee ATX

Pad Kaprow Dee Dee

Dee Dee Food Truck has my heart, thanks to their amazing Pad Kaprow which is arguably the best in Austin. This stir-fried ground pork dish with holy basil or Thai basil is a must-try, and is served with rice and a fried egg on top. Dee Dee's dishes pack some heat but are still manageable. Their papaya salad and moo ping are also perfect, and if you're lucky, they serve a delicious seasonal mango sticky rice. Overall, Dee Dee is a food truck not to be missed.

Here is their instagram.

5. Asados Taqueria

Steak Burrito

This food truck serves mission style burritos and they are AMAZING. You choose your own protein then can customize your burrito to be super style or plain style. Super style add guac, sour cream, and monterrey jack cheese. I also ask for it to be crispy! These burrito don't mess around!

Here is their instagram

6. Cuantos Tacos

Cuantos Tacos

Cuantos is fantastic. If someone says that their favorite tacos are from Cuantos, you know they know their stuff. The tacos themselves are smaller in size and served on nixtamalized tortillas. I recommend trying one of each to experience all the flavors. However, I must admit that some of the fillings can taste similar. Regardless, it's one of my top spots to visit in Austin.

Here is their instagram.

7. Rosita's Al Pastor

Campechano Tacos Rosita's Al Pastor

Here's the edited version: "Rosita's is my go-to spot in Austin for Al Pastor, but I haven't been back in a while since it's far from my location. However, I still love how they perfectly cook their Al Pastor, which is prepared traditionally on a trompo. The generous servings of juicy and crispy pork with charred edges are simply amazing. I also recommend trying their campechano taco - it's definitely worth a taste!

Here is their instagram.

8. Discada


Discada is tied for my favorite taco spot in Austin. They serve a single type of taco with discada filling, which is a mixture of meat and veggies that they slow-cook on discs. The tacos here are also smaller in size, and I can easily eat 5-10 of them in one sitting. The pink salsa they provide packs a lot of heat, but I love how it complements the savory meat along with the bits of pineapple and onion.

Here is their instagram.

9. Un Mundo De Sabor

Carnitas Tacos Un Mundo De Sabor

Un Mundo De Sabor is tied for my favorite taco spot in Austin. What I love about Un Mundo is their consistency, and how all their tacos are delicious. If I had to recommend the best taco, I would say it's their carnitas tacos. The carnitas are cubes of tender pork that they fry until crispy. The pickled onions add a nice touch and they also include some avocado. Their vegan mushroom tacos are no joke either. Trust me, you won't go wrong with anything here!

Here is their instagram.

10. Paprika

Paprika Atx

Paprika is in my top three taco spots in Austin. The consistency and deliciousness of their tacos are unmatched. Unlike Cuantos or Discada, the tacos here are larger, and 2-3 can easily fill you up. Paprika does a great job seasoning and grilling their meats, and the tortillas are always perfect. The owner runs the truck mainly by himself, so you know the quality will always be excellent!"

Here is their instagram.

11. T-Loc's Sonora Hot dog

Green Hot dog for Austin FC at T Locs
Carne Asada Fries at T Locs

This is one of my top 3 food trucks in Austin. T-Loc's has been around for years, and it's a huge surprise he doesn't have a brick-and-mortar location. Everything here is good, I'm serious! They serve Sonoran-style food and source their tortillas and buns from Arizona. The tortillas are buttery, flaky, and delicious. They have amazing carne asada and carne asada fries too. My go-to orders are the carne asada plate, the fries, and their agua fresca. The Sonoran hot dog is also a must-try.

Here is their instagram.

12. ATX Shoyu Sugar

Chicken Katsu at ATX Shoyu Sugar
Red Rock Plate ATX Shoyu Sugar

ATX Shoyu Sugar is my favorite food truck that I have tried so far in 2023. They are located in a food truck park on Anderson Mill and serve Hawaiian food. I ordered their Red Rock Special with Teriyaki, Korean Fried Chicken, and Galbi, as well as the Chicken Katsu. Each dish comes with two scoops of rice and a scoop of mac salad. It's a lot of food for a great price. The Galbi was probably the best I've had in town, the Teriyaki was perfect, and I loved the Chicken Katsu. The KFC was more like Chicken Karagge, in my opinion, and it was delicious but very skin-heavy if you're not into that. The Katsu sauce was delicious and made from scratch. Make sure to get the Li Hing snacks and Spam Musubi too!

Here is their instagram.

12. Kiin Di


Kiin Di is a really delicious Thai spot! The Thai dishes here are more fry-heavy and they serve Thai-style fried Hainanese chicken rice. They also have this really good dish called the Killer Noodles, which are spicy instant noodles with fried pork belly and an egg. Not the best option for those on a diet, but the food here speaks for itself.

Here is their instagram.

13.Song LA

Song La

Song La is my favorite spot in Austin for Taiwanese food. The owners are sweethearts and have been around in Austin for many years. They used to be located near UT campus and focused on serving affordable meals. The basil fried chicken is delicious, and I love their ground pork with rice. They also have a seasonal peanut noodle dish that I like. Overall, this spot is amazing!

Here is their instagram.

14.Ceviche 7

Arroz Chaufa Ceviche 7

Ceviche 7 is a bit difficult to visit due to its inconsistent hours, but the food served here is superb. The Arroz Chaufa, which is fried rice topped with plantains, is one of the best dishes in Austin. The perfectly grilled chicken on top, along with a drizzle of rocoto sauce, would make a worthy last meal. This is the best Peruvian spot in Austin, and I also highly recommend the Lomo Saltado and the ceviche. Despite the negative reviews online about inconsistent hours, the food served here is truly amazing.

Here is their instagram.

15.Rogue Radish

Sprout Salad Rogue Radish

Rogue Radish is probably the only food truck in Austin that serves mainly healthy dishes, grain bowls, and salads. However, the food here is really good. The Sunflower Salad with sunflower sprouts, nutritional yeast, mixed rice, and more is the best grain bowl I've had in Austin. I also really enjoy the sweet potatoes. The downside is that they can sell out fast and the menu is pretty small and limited. However, it's worth a visit!

Here is their instagram.

16.That Burger

That Burger

"That Burger" has the best burger I've had from a food truck so far. The French burger with a 6oz 100% Angus beef patty, brie, grilled mushrooms, berry jam, arugula, and black truffle mayo is in my top three burgers in Austin. The meat is cooked perfectly, and the toppings really complement the burger. I also love the use of a brioche-style bun.

Here is their instagram.

17. Yeni's Fusion

Yeni's Fusion

Yeni's is a contender for the best Asian food truck in Austin, TX. Her Indonesian food is very complicated to make, and oftentimes she has to purchase the ingredients from Indonesia. The beef rendang is really good, and I also like the Batagor Dumplings! Her menu changes frequently.

Here is their instagram.

18.ARTIPASTA Italian

Carbonara at Arti Pasta

ArtiPasta has the best pasta of any food truck in Austin, TX. They make all their pasta from scratch and the menu is extensive. I particularly enjoy their gnocchi, casarecce, and cacio e pepe. I've tried many dishes here and can say that most of the pastas are delicious, and the owner strives to make traditional Italian food.

Here is their instagram.

20.Brooklyn Breakfast Shop

Brooklyn Breakfast Company probably makes one of the best biscuit sandwiches in town. They are mainly open for breakfast and lunch, but they sell out pretty fast. I like their rotating chicken biscuit and their bagels too!

Here is their instagram.

21. KG BBQ


A relatively new spot that was recently James Beard-nominated, KG BBQ specializes in Egyptian-style BBQ. Their pork-style ribs, chicken shawarma, and Egyptian rice with pomegranate seeds are all delicious. The use of fruit in their seasoning gives the BBQ a nice balance of tangy and savory. For a great deal, I recommend trying one of their rice bowls!

Here is their instagram.

22. SXSE Food Co

Skewers at SXSE

Chef Bob is a good friend of mine and is heavily involved in food festivals and popups around Austin. He specializes in Lao-style food, which is hard to find in Austin. I enjoy the fermented sausages he makes, the crispy fried rice, and the chicken wings! He also hosts chef tables and meal tasting events. I'm looking forward to trying his ceviche as well!

Here is their instagram.

23. Tommy Want Wingy

Tommy Want Wingy

Tommy Want Wingy is a spot I wish I could visit more often. It's located a bit far from me and parking can be challenging at times. Nonetheless, they serve incredibly tasty chicken lollipops in 10 different flavors. My personal favorite is the Chile Limon. It's hard to find anyone who doesn't love Tommy Want Wingy!

Here is their instagram.

24.Wow Poke

@wowpokeatx checks off all the criteria for amazing poke bowls. Tasty marinated fish, perfectly cooked rice, fresh toppings, and perfect ratios. We ordered the Spicy Maguro bowl (Spicy tuna, white rice, jalapeños, cucumber, radish, seaweed salad, crispy onions with spicy mayo on top and sesame seeds.) and the Mix love bowl with edamame (Salmon and tuna, white rice, mango, scallions, avocado with our house dressing, furikake and crispy onions). . I was pretty surprised since these bowls were pretty large!

25. Kerlaches

Brisket and Cheese Kolache from Kerlaches

These are the best Klobasnik/Kolaches in Austin, TX. You can text them to preorder but I was so impressed! I was on a huge search for kolache in Austin, TX and stopped by to try 3 of their Kerlaches. We got the smoked pork, brisket and cheddar, and the Jalapeno sausage and cheese. The bread, meat, cheese ratio was perfect. The bread was slightly sweet, yeasty and delicious. The filling wasn't too salty either. Anyway, try it! Here is their instagram.

26. Tacos La Catrina

Birria Tacos at Tacos La Catrina

I got quite a few DMs to try this taco spot. Tacos La Catrina specializes in birria tacos. They also serve steak and suadero. We ordered 3 quesabirria tacos and their steak tacos. The consomme here was great. The depth of flavor was really nice and I liked the fact that despite not being goat birria, that there was a very savory note to the consomme. The steak tacos also shined, they were cooked perfectly with a nice flakey texture and seasoned well. The tortillas aren't made from scratch as they import them from the valley. They are crisped up in grease and 10/10. I would say best birria tacos and maybe steak tacos I've had in Austin. Click here for the instagram.

27. Cuantas Hamburguesa

@cuantashamburguesasatx is a new burger spot by @cuantostacos512 . If you thought their tacos were good, wait till you try the burgers. MAN the burgers were so good. We got the Americana which is basically your classic smash burger with double patty and american cheese, and the Sincronizada with beef patty, ham, bacon, beef hotdog, pickled jalapeños, mexican cheese, pickles, and romaine lettuce. The ratio of meats to bread filling was excellent. Overall pattie’s were seasoned perfectly and the combination of meats in the Sincronizada with the pickled jalapeños was chefs kiss

28. El Paso Flauta (Manchaca)

@elpasoflauta serves an addictive delicious flauta. I grew up kinda being whatever about flautas and most spots I tried in Austin did chicken flautas that were super dry or weren’t wrapped tightly enough. After trying El Paso flauta a few months ago I got hooked! These are so good I actually crave them. I can probably order 2 orders of these for myself but for health reasons I probably shouldn’t 😅. The workers here are always so friendly and the drive can feel long going from north Austin but it’s right outside of south Austin. Anyways! I Hope you try them! Also I don’t claim to be the authority of authenticity since I’m not from El Paso but These flautas are pretty damn good

29. El Perrito

@elperritoatx is known for their El Paso Style mexican food! They have a food truck/brick and mortar. My only critique is the flautas could have been rolled tighter as the filling got pretty dry. However, those drowned tacos were so good and I loved the tomato based sauce.

30. Ensenada

This spot serves the best fish tacos I've had in Austin. The fish was perfectly fried and crispy. We need to go back to try more items. We also ordered the ceviche and it hit the spot on a blistering hot day.

Here is their Instagram.

Spots I want to try that I hear are great!

Rolling Smoke

Here is their instagram.