NYC Food Crawl

Your Foodie Guide to a Weekend in NYC


We visited NYC for a single weekend to pig out. We went in search of the best Pizza and bagel spots and sprinkled in some small activities. Here is my Itinerary for this short trip and then I'll go into depth about each spot! I'll keep non food activities at the very end. I used a combination of Instagram, Reddit, and google to plan this trip! I will * the must tries.

FRIDAY- 10 pm

  • Scarrs pizza open till 1 am *
  • Joes- open till 4 am
  • Artichoke pizza open late and multiple locations


  • 10 am-  Russ and Daughters* (bagel and lox) 20 min walk Mei lai Wah *(china town) 
  • MOMA - 1 pm
  • 4 pm- Supreme CROISSANTS at lafayette and levain cookies *
  • dinner at 6:15 at Una Pizzeria*
  • KATZ DELI , MAMA too if still hungry


  • 7 am POPUP BAGELS*
  • 8 am Tompkins Bagels 
  • 9 am Summit 1 Vanderbilt
  • Central park zoo for 1 hr 
  • Emily Burger- 12:30 pm Takes Resy.
  • 2 pm - L INDUSTRY  pizza*
  • 5 pm - Raku noodle bar. Takes Resy.

We stayed at the Grayson Hotel but next time may choose somewhere near Soho since there was a lot of food in the area we wanted to try. We flew in Austin to Newark. Our bus never arrived from Newark to our hotel so I recommend taking a train into NYC!


Friday night

Scarrs Pizza

Pepperoni Slice

@scarrspizza  nails the art of the perfect slice – impeccable balance and a serious hold. What sets them apart? They grind their own fresh flour, a mark of their dedication to quality. I lucked out visiting around midnight on a Friday, no lines to contend with. We dug into pepperoni and cheese slices, and I'll be honest, they blew us away. Scarrs Pizza should definitely be on your list – not to mention, it won't dent your wallet like some other spots.

Joes Pizza

Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza

After Scarrs, we hit up the original Joes Pizza joint. Cash only. Ordered a pepperoni and cheese slice. At first glance, it looked undercooked, unlike Scarrs. Tried the fold-and-hold move, but the toppings slid off, revealing raw dough. Sauce was good, pepperoni not crispy, and it was hard to eat due to its raw and floppy state. A tourist spot for sure, but next time, I'd go for a well-done slice.

Artichoke Pizza

Near my hotel was an Artichoke Pizza joint, so we thought, why not? These slices? Gigantic. They're also open late-night. Now, walking in, the scene was intense – workers duking it out verbally with customers, things even got a bit colorful. Brushed it off and ordered up an artichoke slice and a margherita.

Here's the deal. My slice? It was practically slammed onto my tray, with a not-so-friendly "grab your pizza" thrown in. Back in the hotel room, we tackled those monsters. Verdict? Heart attack city. Seriously, these slices were THICC – jiggly, almost like solidified artichoke dip piled onto pizza. I'm talking nearly an inch of thickness. Taste? Well, it was like a congealed combo of cheese, cream, and artichoke bits. No sugarcoating here – probably the worst pizza I've ever chomped down on. The margherita? Slightly better, but still packing that same heavy, dense vibe.


Russ and Daughters - 10:40 am

Bagel and Lox

Our adventure began at Russ and Daughters – a spot where you grab a number and make your move indoors when you're about 5-10 people away from the counter. Patience paid off with a wait of roughly 40 minutes, giving us time to soak in the excitement. When it was our turn, we didn't hold back – we opted for their signature bagel and lox, elevating it with scallion and loading up with tomato, onion, and capers. Let me tell you, the result was a symphony of flavors that danced on the taste buds – the cream cheese and lox combo was simply unparalleled, setting a new standard for perfection.

Mei Lai Wah 12 PM

Pineapple BBQ pork bun
Steamed Pork bbq Bao

While at Russ and Daughters, we were savvy and preordered from Mei Lai Wah using @snackpass – a nifty trick to bypass the line. We had a noon pickup scheduled and strolled around 20 minutes to Chinatown to collect our goodies. Inside, it was buzzing with a massive crowd, but armed with our order number, we breezed in and a friendly worker handed us our buns.

Our haul included their renowned pineapple pork buns and a BBQ steamed pork bun. The exteriors were a delightful combo of flaky and crispy, while the interiors housed succulent BBQ pork. Personally, I leaned towards the steamed buns – the pineapple one veered slightly too sweet for my taste. Top tip: Preordering is a game-changer, and don't be discouraged if you see the buns initially marked as sold out on the Snackpass app – a refresh might just reveal fresh stock.

Lafayette Supreme Croissants 3:20 PM after we went to MOMA at 1

legendary Supreme Croissant. Following IG advice, we aimed to queue up an hour before the 4 pm croissant drop – apparently, the 4 pm round was the mellowest. They release these gems at 8 am, 12 pm, and 4 pm daily.

Arriving at 3:20 pm, we spotted a surprisingly short line and, much to our surprise, it started rolling in no time. We cruised through the line in just 15 minutes, only to face a bummer – they were sold out of everything except one flavor. Despite being in the supposed 4 pm drop line, we were told to rejoin the line for the actual 4 pm drop. Confusing and, frankly, a bit ridiculous.

Taking a breather, we hit up Levain for cookies and swung back at 3:50 pm. Now the line was wrapped around the block, and it stood still till 4 pm on the dot. Once our turn came, we snagged the pistachio and chocolate supreme croissants – one per person, each setting us back $10. Inside seating was a no-go, so we stood by the bar to dive in.

Verdict? The puff pastry itself was just okay, but the creamy filling? Delicious. Honestly, not sure I'd do the whole thing again. I've had a better version in Korea, but gotta give Lafayette props for the invention.

Levain Bakery

Double Chocolate cookie
CC Cookie with Walnuts

A quick pit stop, conveniently next door to Lafayette. We snagged their classic CC cookie with walnuts and a double chocolate one. Surprisingly crisp on the outside, yet melted into warm gooey goodness at the core. The double chocolate stole the show – definitely my top pick. The line was a breeze, moving swiftly.

Una Pizza Napoletana- 6:15 reservation

MARINARA- San Marzano Tomatoes, Amalfi Wild Oregano, Garlic, Basil, Sicilian Sea Salt, EVOO with Anchovies.
MARGHERITA- San Marzano Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella DOP, Basil, Sicilian Sea Salt, EVOO with pepperoni and GRATED VACCHE ROSSE PARMIGIANO REGGIANO DOP
FILETTI- Cherry Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella DOP, Garlic, Basil, Sicilian Sea Salt, EVOO and Long peppers
GELATO  |  Cremolata di Mandorla topped with house whipped cream and candied orange peel from Sicily.

If Neapolitan-style pizza floats your boat, Una Pizzeria  is a must-try. They snagged the title of best pizza in the world, and let me tell you, getting a reservation is like winning the lottery. Set your alarm because those reservations vanish within seconds when they open up on Resy two weeks in advance. Or, if you're feeling lucky, you can stroll in. Catch them Thursday to Saturday, but fair warning, they dish out a limited number of pies – four options, to be exact, with room for extra toppings. My picks? The Marinara with anchovies, Margherita upgraded with shaved aged Parmesan and pepperoni. The dough? It's otherworldly. You'll find yourself savagely tearing at the crust and dunking it into that tantalizing tomato goodness. You can taste the high quality tomatoes and ingredients they import from Italy. Seriously, best Neapolitan-style pizza I've ever had, the naturally leavened dough yields the softest and fluffiest dough you'll ever have. Don't skip their delicious housemade desserts! We were too full for any other restaurant after this.


Pop Up Bagels- 7 am

Sesame bagel

Bright and early at 6 am, we hopped over to Pop up bagels for their renowned soft bagels. Surprisingly, no line at 7 am – a score! We went big and grabbed a dozen, which came with 2 complimentary tubs of cream cheese. Opted for just one tub and asked for an extra bagel on the side. And oh boy, these bagels? They redefine bagel greatness.

Impeccably fluffy and utterly amazing, these babies are baked fresh to order, arriving all warm and fresh. The real deal is the experience – you're meant to tear into them and give 'em a dip in that lush cream cheese. I even tried freezing and reheating later, but truth be told, they shine brightest when savored fresh.

Tompkins Square Bagel 8 am

BEC bagel with Sausage - missing cheese

Next we went to Tompkin Square Bagel saw on reddit they were the favorite of the locals. We got the BEC and added sausage but unfortunately the cheese was misplaced and basically missing. The bagel here was pretty solid and I can see why the locals love it. It is a bit of a detour so I would come here if you have extra time.

Emily 12:30 pm

Emily Burger- pink in the middle but everwhere else overcooked and dry.

We hit Summit 1 and Central Park Zoo before our 12:30 pm lunch reservation at Emily. I'd been eyeing their famous burger on Instagram for ages and was eager to dive in. Starring LaFrieda dry-aged beef, EMMY sauce, American cheese, pickles, and caramelized onions on a pretzel bun, it came with curly fries. But the reality fell a bit short – the burger was overcooked and missing the caramelized onions. The fries? Well, they were more fast-food quality than anything remarkable. I've heard their Brooklyn location might be the better bet. At $26, it didn't quite hit the spot for me.

L'Industrie 2 pm

Pepperoni and hot honey and Burrata Slice and Pistachio Gelato

Following our underwhelming experience at Emily, we set our sights on L'industrie in Brooklyn, a recommendation straight from the owners of Pedrosos. The drill here? Queue up for whole pizzas and slices, with a wait of around 15 minutes. The fig and bacon, as well as the burrata slices, were the crowd favorites, though the bacon had sadly run out. Undeterred, we went for the pepp and hot honey along with a burrata slice.

The verdict? These slices were nothing short of divine. Easily the best pizza by the slice I've ever had – the crust and flavor balance were an absolute delight. Each slice set us back around 5-6 dollars. And if you happen to be there, do yourself a favor and sample their in-house pistachio gelato.

Raku Noodle Bar

Zaru Udon with Tempura
Toriten Udon with Chicken on the side.

Due to an unexpected flight delay, we found ourselves at Raku Noodle BAr. Around 6 pm, we strolled right in, pleasantly surprised by the absence of a wait. We ordered the the torikaragge udon and asked for the chicken on the side and the Zaru Udon with tempura. This place is undoubtedly a must-try, and it's worth noting that they do accept reservations. The udon experience lived up to its reputation, leaving us truly astounded. The flavors and textures were a testament to their dedication to quality. This is the best Udon I've ever eaten!

Now Here are the Non Food things we did while in NYC. It's a short list

Visting MOMA

Salvador Dali
Van Gogh

After enjoying the MET in the past, we opted for a change and headed to MOMA this time. We secured 1 pm timed tickets, ensuring a smooth entry to explore contemporary art.

MOMA's visitor-friendly policy allowed us to bring hydroflasks, handy for staying refreshed as we navigated through exhibits. Refill stations scattered throughout kept us hydrated.

Although we missed Starry Night (temporarily at the MET), MOMA's collection of Modern Art Masters captivated us. Sculptures, paintings, and immersive installations filled the galleries, each telling a unique story.

MOMA's curation showcased the dynamic evolution of modern art, guiding us through diverse styles and movements. Our visit deepened our understanding of New York's artistic landscape and left us inspired by the city's creative energy.

Central Park Zoo

Red Panda

During our recent trip, we decided to check out the Central Park Zoo. We got our tickets at the entrance kiosk, opting for the limited tickets option. Despite its smaller size, the zoo offers a neat 1-2 hour experience, laid out in a circular path that takes you through various animal habitats.

The highlight for us was definitely the charming Red Panda. We also enjoyed the Snow Leopard exhibit, the playful bears, the tropical rainforest, and the lively penguin area. But the seal exhibit was the star of the show, with the seals showing off tricks and entertaining the visitors.

The Central Park Zoo is a well-curated space that offers a mix of education and fun. It's a great escape right in the middle of the city, perfect for a quick and enjoyable visit.

Summit One Vanderbilt

Summit One truly stood out during our trip. We secured tickets for the 9 am opening, though it does tend to draw sizable crowds. The ascent takes you to impressive heights, offering breathtaking vistas of the city skyline.

Among the highlights is a room adorned with shimmering silver balloons and even a glass-bottom floor that adds an exhilarating touch. Another captivating feature is a room entirely covered in mirrors. This spot is a prime opportunity for striking photos and undoubtedly provides some of the most stunning views you'll encounter.

For those who have experienced the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka, Summit One offers a similar sensation, making it an unforgettable part of our journey. Note you can't bring food or drinks but you can bring a hydroflask. You can't bring carry on luggage either.