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Your Guide to the Best Tacos in Austin, TX

We curated a top tacos you can find in Austin, Tx!


In 2020, we embarked on an intensive search for the best tacos in Austin, TX. While our search continues, we've compiled a list of the best tacos in Austin from then until now in 2023. Our grading criteria was based solely on flavor, and we focused on mainly corn tortilla tacos. To ensure consistency, we always ordered each restaurant's signature tacos based on reviews. Here is our updated list as of July 2023.


Discada has been my favorite taco spot for a long time. While I wouldn't necessarily say that they're the absolute best tacos I've ever had, they hold a special place in my heart. The restaurant specializes in one type of taco, which is cooked in a round pan called a disc for multiple hours, hence the name Discada. These tacos feature a delicious blend of meats and veggies, and they never disappoint.

Un Mundo De Sabor

Un Mundo de Sabor is one of the best taco spots that opened in Austin during the pandemic. Although they initially had a rough time starting out, they gained popularity after moving to the Thicket food park. Their carnitas are a must-try and I think they're the best in town. Their carne asada and mushroom tacos are also noteworthy. For me, this spot is definitely in the top three taco places in Austin.


This spot is like if Nixta and Odd duck had a baby. The ingredients are for the most part locally sourced and the owner makes the masa from scratch. What i want to emphasize is it can be hard to find a really good vegan or vegetarian taco in Austin. The sweet potato taco was my favorite vegan taco i’ve had in Austin and low key one of the best tacos i’ve ever had. The flautas were very unique and also vegetarian. Super crispy and decadent. Don’t sleep on this spot.

Tacos La Catrina

Tacos La Catrina

Guys guys- let me put you on this spot before Eater Austin or Texas Monthly come rolling around . @tacoslacatrina24 is a food truck serving Birria, steak, and suadero tacos. I’ve been getting lots of DMs to try them and I decided to make my way there. They’re located 15400 Ranch Rd 620 N, Austin, TX 78717. One of my followers told me that although the food is delicious. They haven’t gotten exposure due to the location. They’re planning to open a second location in the domain soon too. So I got the quesabirria tacos, the steak tacos, and the AGUA frescas. My initial impression was the tortillas were perfectly greasy and fried. I love corn tortillas but something about when they’re not fried in oil they can be alittle dry. These were perfect and I loved the crispy bits of fried maiz. The steak was super tender and melt in your mouth. The Birria was solid. I’m not a huge beef Birria fan as I like Birria de Chivo. But this consommé was so good and had a really good umami and savory taste. Very similar to goat Birria but not goat. The agua Fresca was alittle sweet but tasty enough for us to finish. I would say for sure try the Birria here. I’ve had tons in Austin and can confidently say it’s clearly my favorite so far.

Rositas al Pastor

Creating this list was incredibly difficult, because in my opinion, this taco truck also serves some of the best tacos I've ever had. Located on Riverside, this popular spot always has a long line. I highly recommend trying their classic pastor tacos, but my personal favorite is the campechano tacos. In my opinion, this taco truck serves the best al pastor tacos in Austin.

Cuantos Tacos

Cuantos Tacos is undoubtedly one of the most popular taco spots in Austin, currently located in the Arbor Food Park. What I really appreciate about their tacos is that they use NIXTA-style tortillas, and they offer a wide variety of meat options to choose from. While their tacos are on the smaller side, they pack a flavorful punch that you won't soon forget.

Paprika ATX

Paprika is a taco truck in Austin that deserves a lot of recognition in my opinion. What stood out the most to me were their delicious carnitas tacos. The flavor was exceptional, and what I found particularly interesting was that one person was running the whole truck. Located right next to Michi Ramen, I highly recommend these tacos to anyone in the Burnet area looking for a top-notch taco. Additionally, I really appreciated the passion that the owner clearly has for his food.

Nixta Taqueria

This is a James beard Taco spot located in East Austin. Their Beet Tostada and Bean and cheese are my favorite tacos. They are a bit pricier than other tacos but are known for their high quality ingredients and homemade tortillas.

Vaquero Taquero

I've had the pleasure of watching this taco truck grow into a brick-and-mortar restaurant, and it's one of my top picks in Austin. They do campechano tacos particularly well, which are basically like quesadilla tacos with pastor and carne asada. Another standout item on the menu is their delicious cactus taco, which I highly recommend trying.

One Taco

While not necessarily the most life-changing tacos in Austin, this spot is one of my favorites for its speed and convenience, with multiple locations available. The tacos always come out fresh and delicious, with made-to-order tortillas and freshly cut pastor straight off the trompo. While I highly recommend their 5 tacos de pastor, I will say that I wasn't a big fan of their queso or street corn.

Address: 2900 W Anderson Ln suite k, Austin, TX 78757

Palo Seco 512

Palo Seco is one of the most Instagram-famous taco trucks in Austin, known for their specialty: birria tacos. They're particularly famous for their queso birria tacos, which I highly recommend trying. I even took photos at this truck myself, and they were featured in a Food Network magazine. Overall, Palo Seco is a popular and delicious spot for birria tacos in Austin.

Las Trancas

Las Trancas is one of the most popular spots on this list, and it's always easy to spot when driving through east Austin because of the decently long line. This taco stand has a well-rounded menu, and what I like about it is that they have really good salsa and make their tortillas from scratch. Although I wouldn't say that any specific taco is the best, I think all of them are delicious.

Oye Taquito

Oye Taquito is a popular spot in East Austin known for their small but delicious tacos. The tacos are topped with queso fresco and avocado, and come with a side of grilled onions and flavorful salsas. It's a great spot if you're in the mood for a light but satisfying meal. These are RGV style tacos.

La Santa Barbacha

La Santa Barbacha is my top pick for barbacoa in Austin. They use high-quality meat and a special recipe that yields tender and delicious barbacoa. I highly recommend trying their agua fresas as well. It's a must-visit spot for any barbacoa lover.

Granny’s Tacos

"Veracruz Tacos was started by the parents of the current owners. However, when it comes to breakfast tacos, Granny's Tacos is my top pick. What sets them apart is their delicious corn tortillas. Although I'm not usually a huge fan of mole, I found their RICO tacos with chicken mole and rice to be incredibly delicious. The most popular taco here is probably their chilaquiles taco, but personally, I was a big fan of their homemade tortillas. The only downside is that it can take a while for your food to be prepared, but trust me, it's definitely worth the wait.

Taquito Aviles

Despite its hidden location behind the Dreamers store in Austin (be sure to visit the one by Dreamers, not the other location), this is one of the best taco spots in the city. In 2020, I ranked it as my top choice out of all the taco spots I had tried. The restaurant is cash-only, and their signature dish is the Tacos de chivo, also known as the Go Tacos. These tacos are made with American cheese and goat birria, and they're absolutely delicious. Make sure to order the goat consommé on the side as well. In my opinion, these are the best birria tacos in Austin.