15 Best Things to do in Tokyo, Japan! 2022-2023

A Guide of All the Things to Eat and Do in Tokyo, Japan!


Top 15 things I did in Tokyo Japan! There’s so much to do but this is what I recommend! This is a 5-6 Day Itinerary. We stayed at Ryokan Shigetsu Asakusa and took the subway around. We used a Suica card.

1. Visit the Pokemon Center

Pokemon Cafe

The Pokémon center in Japan is wildly popular. They have a lot of cute plushies and also a café. Please refer to my reel on more details about reserving the café. I recommend getting all the Pokémon theme things and maybe avoid buying the plushies because they can be very expensive. I would go to this one on a weekday, it gets so busy and crowded. 

Location: Japan, 〒103-0027 Tokyo, Chuo City, Nihonbashi, 2 Chome−11−2 髙島屋S.C.東館5F

2. Visit Golden Gai

Is great for foreigners who want to bar hop! I don’t drink but I love nagi ramen! It’s open super late too. 

Location: Japan, 〒160-0021 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Kabukicho, 1 Chome−1−6 2F

3. Visit Taito Station!

It’s basically a multi level arcade! This one was in Shinjuku. There are multiple Taito Stations and each floor has a different activity. They have a whole level dedicated just to music games and another level dedicated to claw machines. The games is also had English selection options. 

Location: 3 Chome-35-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan

4. Visit Shibuya area and go to Harajuku street.

Chainsaw Man Exhibit
Pop Mart

If you like street wear, toys, anime pop ups, and vintage shops. This is the place to shop imo. The clothing at Harajuku can be a little expensive, but there’s tons of places to eat like a jiggly, pancake store and tons of cafés. 

Location: 1 Chome Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan

5. Eating Authentic Wagyu at Yoroniku Ebisu.

Truffle Sukiyaki

They have a silver award on tabelog and is considered one of the best yakiniku places in Japan. They tell you how to eat each bite and this was the best meal in Tokyo I had. The truffle sukiyaki was one of the most breathtaking bites. I highly recommend reserving this restaurant. Reservation was on table check and omakase!

tabelog: Ebisu Yoroniku

Location: Japan, 〒150-0013 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Ebisu, 1 Chome−11−5 GEMS恵比寿 8F

6. Tsukiji Outer Market

Overpriced Fruit
My Favorite Bonito Dashi
Tuna Set at Tsukiji Market Tunao

Iconic but touristy, I wouldn’t eat the food here since it’s expensive. If you do wanna eat here, I recommend trying their mochi and their tamago. They also sell Japanese knives here and plenty of ceramics. I recommend buying some of their nuts and also their bonito Dashi. There’s also a few sushi restaurants here, but I wouldn’t say they were life-changing.

Location: 4 Chome-16-2 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan

7. Tempura Kondo

Sweet Potato

2 Michelin star tempura. I got the lunch set for 70 ish dollar pp. I made my reservation via visa concierge. What I like about the spot is you can see the master cooking right in front of you, while his assistants cuts the vegetables he fries them. I recommend ordering their sweet potato à la cart. 

tabelog: Kondo

Location: Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 5 Chome−5−13, Sakaguchi Bld., 9F

8. Trying Authentic Ramen

In my opinion, the Ramen in Japan was the best thing I’ve eaten on the trip. Here are a few options of my favorite Ramen I tried in Japan. Typically there can be long line so be sure to prepare.



This Ramen spot is located in Tokyo station. They have a bit of a line. It’s cash only. They serve exclusively, dipping noodles, a.k.a. tsukemen. Their handmade noodles with the thick broth was so delicious. I highly recommend this spot if it’s your first time. 

tabelog: Rokurinsha

Location: Japan, 〒100-0005 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Marunouchi, 1 Chome−9−1 東京駅一番街 B1 東京ラーメンストリート内

Chuka-Soba Tomita

Special Set from Omakase

Tomato is probably the most famous spot on this list. You can make a reservation to Tomita a week in advance via Omakase. The broth here is thick like curry, and the noodles are extremely thick and cold. However, as you dip the cold noodles into the broth, the flavors, meld together beautifully and it’s probably the best dipping noodles you’ll ever eat. If you have a normal appetite, I would probably get the medium size portion. However, I saw a bunch of customers ordering the large portion. I ordered the premium meat toppings, but I recommend just trying their chashu and different meats. Definitely make a reservation on omakase or it’s a multi hour line. The ramen here is considered the best in Japan. 

tabelog: Tomita

Location: Japan, 〒271-0092 Chiba, Matsudo, 1339 高橋ビル

Ramen Nagi

Ramen Nagi is my husband's favorite ramen place to eat. The Ramen broth here is exclusively made from sardines. The broth can come across really fishy but what I like about this ramen broth is even if you’re not into the fishiness, the flavor balances with the salt really well and it makes for easy bowl to consume. Cash only. 

tabelog: Ramen Nagi

Location: Japan, 〒160-0021 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Kabukicho, 1 Chome−1−10 2F


Private Dining booth

This is a more personalized dining experience. They serve pork broth. The line was pretty long and they’re cash only. There’s a water dispenser at your station and the entire ramen bowl is customizable. I recommend getting the recommended options if it’s your first time! The ramen here was delicious but I wouldn’t say life changing. 

tabelog: Ichiran

Multiple Locations: Locations

9. Team lab planets

A must for visitors! Tons of immersive art experiences. When you enter you’ll be taken to a locker room where you’ll remove your socks and shoes. You will be stepping knee deep in water for multiple exhibits. Theres tons of beautiful lights, sounds and even an exhibit where theres 100s of hanging plants. Purchase tickets online in advance to save time. 

Location: 6 Chome-1-16 Toyosu, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0061, Japan

10. Eating all the desserts from KANTARO sweets.

Waguriya’s Mont Blanc

Apple Set
Mont Blanc with Tea Set

This spot serves premium chest but desserts. They serve a limited number of special seasonal Mont Blanc desserts. When we went it was an apple dessert. The Mont Blanc here is life changing. The owner farms the chestnuts himself and even uses his own chickens eggs. I recommend getting a tea set combo. Make sure to grab a bag of their roasted chestnuts togo! Located in Yanaka which is a more old Japan vibe. The lines can get long so get here before they open or right when they open. Cash only. 

tabelog: Waguriya

Location: 3 Chome-9-14 Yanaka, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0001, Japan

Umemura anmitsu located in Asakusa

Mame Kanten and Anmitus

They serve anmitsu and Mame kanten. Honestly it was kinda underwhelming but worth a visit if you want to try it. The hours weren’t consistent and we had to come here another day. Cash only. You’re only allowed to take photos of food! 

tabelog: Umemura

Location: 3 Chome-22-12 Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan

11. Trying Japanese Curry at Bondy curry

Medium Beef Curry
They put cheese and butter on the Rice

Located on Jinbocho curry street area. We waited in line for 1 hr. I got the medium beef curry with 400 grams of rice. I wish I ordered more because it was the best curry I’ve ever eaten. I can’t recall if it was cash only so I would check.

tabelog: Bondy

Location: Japan, 〒101-0051 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Kanda Jinbocho, 2 Chome−3, 神田古書センター 2階

12. Visit Asakusa and Sensoji shrine.

We stayed in Asakusa in a ryokan and I highly recommend visiting this area if you want to see temples and more touristy things. There’s a huge street market here with tons of souvenirs and street food. The shrines look cool at night and in the day time. 

Location: 2 Chome-3-1 Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan

13. Shiro-Hige's Cream Puff Factory

Christmas Creampuffs
The inside

A must for studio Ghibli lovers. The cafe is tiny and they sell out fast so you need to get there early. They have a cafe you can wait to eat in but I would get to-go. I got their strawberry and custard cream puffs and found them delightful! I also got some cookies. This is the only patisserie legally allowed to sell Studio Ghibli pastries! 

tabelog: Shirohige

Location: 5 Chome-3-1 Daita, Setagaya City, Tokyo 155-0033, Japan

14.Shibuya Scramble or Hachi statue

Make Sure to Take a photo with the worlds most loyal Doge.

Location: 2 Chome-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan

15. Ameyoko Shopping Street and Ueno Park

Huge outdoor park and budget friendly street eats. It’s super crowded and worth a visit. Ueno park has a zoo and multiple cafes! 

Location: 6 Chome-10 Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0005, Japan

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